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Wrist curl success!

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This morning at the gym I managed something that

was planned for next January, but my progess has

been remarkable lately. In the wrist curl over knees:

After warmups with the empty bar:

95 x 10

115 x 6

135 x 6

160 x 5

185 x 2

205 x 1 this was easy so,

I jumped to 225 hoping for three reps, but those were

also easy so I went ahead and got three more for a

total of six consecutive reps at 225. It was only weeks ago

that a single NEGATIVE rep with 225 was all I could do!

So, now, my revised goal is 250 for six reps by the end of

the year.

Yesterday I quit at 115 lbs because my left wrist hurt,

and I have learned the hard way that pushing an injured

wrist is a wonderful way to delay progress for a few

months. Today it twinged at 115 but I kept going and

the pain left- maybe it needed heavier, progressive


Anyway, I remember years ago when I began wrist curling

and managed a single rep with 95 lbs. My chest swelled

more than Anna Nicole with an implant infection.

:D  :D

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In the Taple Top, does the bar sit very near the top of

the palm (toward the forearm) and are the fingers

curled in front of the bar (acting as a 'stop') or is the

bar grasped as in a regular wrist curl?

If the former, then the fulcrum would be very helpful.

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David Horne


You can place the bar wherever you like in your hand. I would advise you to have the bar further down in your hand (towards your wrist) to shorten the leverage. But remember you still have to hold the bar as you don't want it to roll out of your hand and onto your wrist! Use a thumbless grip.


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Only the first rep or so felt easy, Tim.

I forgot to add that after I topped at 225 for six, I

dropped back to 190 and got 10 reps. I believe this

drop back set is where my progres comes.

In my mind, I assume that whatever weight I can get

six reps with, I can add 15-20 lbs for a single- though

I stay away from singles for two reasons:

1. They are dangerous.

2. Avoiding failure. I don't mind failing on the seventh rep,

  but I don't want to fail on the first rep! Mind games!

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