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    Second time using it....figuring out hand position initially was the key but once I got it locked in I was able to increase up to this lift at 259lbs. This is a 6" lift so I think I cleared that by enough 🤣 Current record held by Thomas Larsen is 247.14lbs
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    Was down in Raleigh with my family for the weekend. Drove down to Charlotte on Saturday morning to hang with @jasonotto . Great guy and an awesome time. Dude is a beast with a lot of fun grip toys to play with. Over two hours of various lifts and general fun. Lots of blockweight lifts, wrist wrench, and about a thousand lifts and feats with the Inch and a 53kg baby Inch. I got the full sized Inch 2 or 3 times with 5 lbs added to reduce the spin. Couldn't quite get it with no weight, but I'm close. It's a Sahlaney bell. Then we went to the baby Inch for about an hour. I got a couple of mid air transfers and tried in vain to clean it several times. Close, but not quite. Had Jason tried the mid air transfers before killing himself on the wrist wrench, he would have had it. As it was, he was close about 50 times. Can't wait to get back down to train.
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    Too many things to list. Tanner pulled over 200# on the loadable Inch. Which was crazy. Adam pulled a sick amount on the Saxon. PR's, Camaraderie, some bending, crazy feats. Tanner pinched 4x 10kg plate, 3x 25kg plates 2H, Lifted the impossible Blob like thing Rich MacLean made and left with me like 8 or 9yrs ago with the stipulation that whosoever shall lift it owns it. Nobody had been able to lift it. Tanner squeezing 270# on the Baseline after a full contest and hours of after feats. Not once, but twice on his right hand because we could not believe it! Then he followed that up with his left hand! Me hubbing the 75# york plate with hub bolted to it and drinking a glass of scotch while holding it. Pinching 6 and 7 5kg plates with bar through the middle one hand. Drinking more scotch than I have in ages and of course bringing out toy after toy and playing the bet you can't do this game. It was a day I won't soon forget. - Aaron
  5. 10 points
    This is something I have been meaning to point out for a while. The classic "right hand" grippers that we all know and love have left-wound springs. I believe it was the release of IronMind's "Left-Turn" grippers that really muddied this up, but those grippers actually have right-wound springs. This terminology is probably impossible to correct at this point, but I thought I'd give it a shot. It would make us all sound more informed. And I've seen more discussion about it lately since some of the Grip Genie grippers curiously ended up with right-wound springs. Here is a graphic from a popular spring manufacturer to drive the point home: I'm not sure if it's a good substitute, but given that a gripper will generally have a left-wound spring, that could be referred to as REGULAR. Then the less common right-wound grippers like "Left-Turn" could be referred to as REVERSE. In the industry that wouldn't mean anything because no spring is a certain way by default, but it's certainly true in our sport. Right-hand REGULAR grippers have left-wound springs. Left-hand REVERSE grippers have right-wound springs.
  6. 10 points
    Cactii for the trophies in progress... A few action shots with an arm right out of the coal. Still need to shape the ends a little bit on these. These are all hot cut, and bent on the anvil. The long segment is 10" This is all 1" (#😎 rebar.
  7. 9 points
    Idk man. I'd agree for an inch DB but the millennium is a whole other level. Thor (based off being unable to lift his own challenge bell), Mark Felix, and Eddie Hall can't lift it. Would it be way more impressive if a much smaller guy lifted it? Definitely. But I feel a feat of this proportion shouldn't be discredited due to size. Pretty sure Felix has hit 500+ axle so that gives you a perspective of how tough the MDB is.
  8. 9 points
    Oh I have not seen that one yet! Here is one of me on the Inch handle. My 179.7# one I believe and Daniel caught on video. I got no pics or video other than the initial ones of the trophies, prize table and grippers laid out. Was running flat out and full speed all the way through the comp. Oh and that was a 5Kg PR on that handle for me!
  9. 9 points
  10. 9 points
    I'm counting it as a training PR. I'll be working on pausing at the top for @acorn 's comp.
  11. 9 points
    2 finger surprised me. Had I known I was that close, I would have tried it at beginning of workout instead of the end. Got close on a couple clean attempts.
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    Not exactly a full write up, but here are some photos and videos of my trip to AZ. Swipe through to see more.
  14. 8 points
    For those of you here who know of Dr. Ken Leistner, he unexpectedly passed away yesterday.☹️ Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. In reality, this site would probably not exist today without the influence Dr. Ken had on me when I started powerlifting. I found him in PLUSA in 1981 and used to go immediately to his column every month. He was a huge influence to many....
  15. 8 points
    Aaron, great job man. We had a blast. Such a great group of people at your event. Thank you for running it. The video of your thickbar lift is your final one. I've updated the video to public. Many PR's were had that day. It was a very strong showing. Afterwards a ton of crazy feats were done. Tanner is a whole new level of strong. He was performing feat after feat, no matter the type. It was insane. Adam was doing the same. Loose wrap reversing a bastard on command, 2 3/8" axle lifts, and every other contraption at Aaron's place. This was a good motivation to get in shape again. It had been years for Emily and I. I shed nearly 20 lbs in the 3-4 months leading up to the comp. Emily did about the same. I think I was 45 lbs lighter than when I last competed, 180 vs 225 lbs. Needless to say the post comp burger was one of the best I had ever had. P.S. The trophies are awesome. And they were so heavy that we couldn't check both of them in the bag due to putting the bag over 50 lbs. We were able to bring one through as carry one without any strange looks. Adam's Final Saxon Lift Tanner's Final Thickbar lift Adam's Final Thickbar lift
  16. 7 points
    1st: I'm assuming @corefire has already beat this on his shallow Dubhub, which I'm guessing is harder due to being locked to the loading pin. 2nd: He hasn't posted it on The Youtubes yet, so I'm claiming the Shallow Hub World record and all the glory that comes with it. 🕺 3rd: I'm playing. I know this is not a world record. It is a lift done in a shed. No cross bar, but it looks to be about 9" -10" given the 8" Blobzilla in front and the 2hp crossbar behind. Not on a podium in a contest so it counts ZERO! But I'm claiming my mantel as greatest of all time in the universe because nobody has posted heavier on the youtubes and we all know that's what matters in life. 🤪🤣😂 4th: I expect Sirko to destroy this in the next few days just to put me in my place. 31.05 kg
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  18. 7 points
    I started finish tig welding of the trophy tops last night and promptly ran out of shielding gas at the end of the first one. Picked up some more this morning already. Anywho pics of first 6 tacked up and one with finished welds. Picked up patina components to give them a green copper finish as well yesterday. Trophy bases and rest of the Sahuaro parts came in yesterday from Martin as well. Bunch to do still! - Aaron
  19. 7 points
    Make sure sound is on. This has me on the floor, dying!!
  20. 6 points
    Theoretically I should be out of the doghouse by then.
  21. 6 points
    Fort Worth may be just the sort of town you’re looking for. Saxon Bar is the greatest event grip has ever known. And steak is the greatest fuel for the greatest event.
  22. 6 points
    This is a PR for me, and at only 195lbs. Even at 235-240lbs I never hit this number. Now max gripper strength for sure takes a hit at lower bodyweight, for me anyway. https://youtu.be/gvd4rQAX72U
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  24. 6 points
    The world will be an emptier place without him. He was a huge advocate of grip training as well. A more kind, generous and giving man you will never meet. He was a friend of mine and I will miss him greatly. I did my #3 certification at his Iron Island Gym.
  25. 6 points
    Picked up the shirts and awards for the comp. today.
  26. 6 points
    Thanks for the plug. Both options are available now in all four of the Spring Color options: Gray, Mill Scale, Battleship, and Gunmetal. As far a YT Videos. I shoot everything with a Canon Rebel in 2560 X 1440 and edit with Kinemaster which is an android app. Kinemaster is a pretty good value and you can get a year subscription for about $40.00. The thing about YT (especially with channels that have lower numbers of subscribers and viewers) is that they dial down the video quality and size. Their newest format (VP9) is actually a smaller file size and better quality, but you can't get it without having a certain number of subscribers because the upload times take FOREVER. I just upload in the highest quality I can because I know I'm going to lose some after YT processes it. Your audio sounds good and is very clear. I always think my audio sounds bad. For arc shots I use a Neutral density filter on the camera and play with the settings. I still can't get a great arc shots because the bright arc compared to the dim area surrounding it messes with the camera's brain. The guys that know how to do it right won't really share either. I will probably make more videos one day. Just need to think of something to make.
  27. 6 points
    So I would like to do a series of grip equipment review videos. Since I am not an elite grip athlete and no one is going to learn anything about grip by watching me lift, this might be my best way to share some grip enthusiasm with people who maybe looking for it. Here is a first attempt utilizing Mr. Juncker’s Blob and Blockweight trainers. I quickly realized I don’t know how to make equipment review videos. So please help me out. What do you think is required or makes a good review video? training update: I am still trying to train but limited by nagging physical setbacks. I haven’t done anything that would be worth logging or would look like structured training. I hope to get back together someday.
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  29. 5 points
    At this point, it's not impressive to me when a 6'8, 440 lb man does something strenght-wise...
  30. 5 points
    We’re still finalizing details, but the contest will be Sunday June 23rd at Metroflex Ft. Worth. Likely events include: Axle, revolving handle, Saxon bar, Silver Bullet, and maybe a double 2” v-bar lift.
  31. 5 points
    This is gonna be great! The video will be very important. Don't get clever with lighting or anything. Also, make sure you're sufficiently close to the camera. Good luck!
  32. 5 points
    My predictions: Victoria Karlsson forfeits because she finds me so handsome she can't concentrate on the match. She will be seen wandering back to the locker room mumbling Rindo Rindo Rindo to herself. Chelino: 3-2 Devon 3-1 RVJ 3-0 Kitowski 3-2 due to receding hairline foul on Erlich
  33. 5 points
    Here are the confirmed venues and promoters (so far): North America: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Eric Roussin Detroit, Michigan, USA - Andrew Pantke Mindoro, Wisconsin, USA - Allen Heineck Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, USA - Jedd Johnson TBD, California, USA - Riccardo Magni Long Island, New York, USA - Anton Torrella Millersville, Missouri, USA - John McCarter Tallahassee, Florida, USA - Nigel Blackburn Colorado, USA - Rachel Crass Wood and Jason Wood Europe: London, England - Jerome Bloom Norway - Thomas Larsen Iisalmi, Finland - Jouni Mähönen Austria - Patsy and Sirko Petermann St. Petersburg, Russia - Alexander Andreev Germany - Christoph Koch Oceania: Melbourne, Australia - Andrew Lea I’m still waiting to hear back from several promoters, so I expect the list to grow over the coming weeks. Don’t see a location near you? Consider hosting a venue! Contact me for details. eroussin@rogers.com I will soon be creating a global Facebook event page on which general contest information will be posted. Individual venues are encouraged to create their own event pages with specific venue details.
  34. 5 points
    We are now exactly 1 month out from the contest! After the contest, we will have a blast to celebrate a wonderful day of bending! I am going to cook up tons of food. The menu most likely will be smoked pork shoulder and all the fixings, including coleslaw, cheesy potatoes, etc. We will eat, drink, smoke cigars and just have a great time.
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  36. 5 points
    Well... re-injury in a similar way. Awesome! The plan moving forward will be to feel out what I can do while trying to re-rehab. I reread through parts of my log the other day. It was interesting. At another point in my log I included jokes because my updates seemed depressing. With all the current setbacks, this might be a good policy to reinstate. What did the blanket say as it fell off the bed? “Oh sheet!” With the current reinjury I plan to spend every day as if it’s my last. Laying in bed and calling for a nurse to bring me more pudding. Imagine if Americans switched from pounds to kilograms overnight. There would be mass confusion! Ta-da!
  37. 5 points
    Yes sir! That was great fun. If my hands allowed me too, I could've played with those transfers the rest of the day! My hands and arms are torched today. U did great work with both bells yesterday. They are addictive. Cant wait for the next time!
  38. 5 points
    I have a different take on it. In February 2017, Morgan Choi became the first person to envision, buy, and cut up a 140 Legacy. After attempting it, he started a thread on the board where numerous suggestions to come up with a name were offered up. While no "official statement" was made by Morgan, there seemed to be a general consensus that "Blobfather" (yes I submitted the name) was the best fit for this new blob. Since then, it is the only name I have heard the half 140 referred to. I'm of the opinion that naming rights actually belong to the originator of the challenge. Many times that happens to be the first lifter, but not always. 5+ years ago John Manna found a monstrous drop weight while working with industrial commercial washers. Recognizing the possibilities, he gave it to me as a challenge item. I dubbed it the "Manna-Nuff" in his honor and have brought it to numerous competitions as an after comp "feat". While 5 people lifted it that first Gripmas, Jedd was the very first. I brought the "25kg Heller Blob" to the "Last Gripmas" and it was first lifted by Gil Goodman (followed shortly by Jedd). The very similar "Roboblob," was created and named well before Jedd actually lifted it. Randall Strossen created the "Crushed to Dust Challenge" and the first successful (official) attempt was done by Clay Edgin. I don't think anyone has suggested renaming any of these challenges. While it's true that Gripsport has a short history, I think it's important to keep the provenance of such challenge items.
  39. 5 points
    I dunno, this is questionable. Notice how he never shows you the weight of the hammer...
  40. 5 points
    Just got back from dropping off the rest of the steel plate to be waterjet cut to rough shape for the 5kg plates for the Inch DB, as well as putting in the order for the trophy placard labels. Getting closer!
  41. 5 points
    Took 4 days off and came back with great grip workout - First time over 200lbs on BSS flask and freakin killed the grippers today.
  42. 5 points
    I always knew you were just in it for the cactus.
  43. 5 points
    Strongman performing for kids is one of my absolute favorite things to do. They have a blast and get pumped up. I had a good performance today that was really focused on motivating the kids to chase their dreams. Fun times. Here are some photos. The guy I am holding up is the principal, he did not want to do it at first, took some convincing.
  44. 4 points
    We all had a blast. On the drive home we agreed this was one of the most fun things we have done in awhile. Can't wait to come back next year. I am gonna peg that baseline soon!
  45. 4 points
    Thanks!! This is my current set up, and yeah it feels amazing for sure. Come and lift some and I will
  46. 4 points
    Hey guys, I really wanted to attend dons michigan steel bending comp but have been hit with some huge unexpected house repairs. However, I was thinking end of summer we could get a bending group together for some events, food and drinks. Who would be interested in this?
  47. 4 points
    Mike, Very cool that you were able to hook up with another very talented gripster! You guys did some great work👍 N.C. Has some crazy strong gripsters
  48. 4 points
    Carls hands are maybe 8.25" at most...not big at all relative to his height. Width makes a huge difference because a 3" wide doesn't allow you to engage your wrists nearly as much to create a "tilt" with it so it becomes much more of a pinch where as most people with (<8.5" hands) the 2" or 2.5" would be more optimal. The Napalm Nightmare handles (3x4) a very similar to the saxon bar (3") as I lifted 253lbs with it but the 2"x4" I was able to lift almost 268lbs the first time I touched it. The difference being the single solid unit like the saxon will allow one hand to assist with a weaker hand but on the NN the individual handles will show more of a weakness with one hand vs the other.
  49. 4 points
    Today was supposed to me 2 inch axle day, but I felt more like using the 2 3/8 inch. I went with my gut and scored some PRs. I actually prefer the 2 3/8 version 210x10 260x8 270x6 280x5 320 for timed hold (NEW PR) 330 (just missed) arm assassin thumb blaster 140x10 185x10 195x6 70 pound kettle bell swings for some strength/cardio 70x25 70x25 70x25 70x25 320 timed hold miss at 330. Think I would have had it had I not done so many heavy high rep sets previously
  50. 4 points
    Yes. Gus is a stud old dude. Get it right rookie old dude.😁
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