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Guest Dan Wagman

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Guest Dan Wagman

It's interesting to read how you guys think that not all COC's of the same number are the same. I was working the #3 like crazy and could only get to about an inch of closure. Then I went to powerlifting nationals a few years' back and the Crain's Muscleworld booth had the COC's. I picked up the #3 and mashed it. I was so surprised, I just looked at Kim Crain, the only witness, with my jaw hanging to my chest. The first thing I did once I got home was call Strossen, tell him about this, and ask him if grippers of the same number could be different. He emphatically stated, no. Well, this year at nationals (in Omaha), I grabbed the #3 again, Kim was there again, and I ALMOST closed it. The point is, I haven't trained the gripper at all in a long time and decided I needed to buy that #3, otherwise I'll never be able to close my original #3.

Now, personally, I think that the increments of the COC's are too much. So based on what I've read from you guys in the recent posts, has anyone actually gone to the trouble of figuring out what brand grippers and what number to stack together to get nice increments so you don't have to take a 50-pound or more jump? I mean, you don't go from being able to bench 315 the first time to trying 350 the next week, know what I mean?

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Guest Dan Wagman

Way cool. So am I stronger or weaker than I think? Hmmm

Since the varyation seems tremendous even within the same company's product, there doesn't seem to be a good way to stack the grippers from low to high. Too bad.

Well, gotta go to see Fulton.

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Guest JSimon95

Yes I can and do have an adjustable gripper

that I use the equipment that I put my gripper

to make them a true 195pounds, true 280 pounds,

and true 365 pounds, plus I can make the Number

4 strong to another 420 pounds with no problems

what so ever. So all this talk about putting

down Ironmind is not fair. The fact of the matter

is their cheap. If you want a grip that a true

195 is will cost you. But my way you can adust the

gripper for example I can adust the BB 140 pounds

to 195 with easy or ajust the 195 ironmind gripper

to 240 pounds or more.

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No one is putting down IronMind.  Facts are facts.  Dan is just another person who was scratching his head pondering why 2+2 did not equal 4.

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Talking to Richard Sorin over the phone... he told me that those numbers were estimates he gave to Strossen himself.  Probably an "average".  So NOT ALL CoC #2's are going to be 195 pounds; and NOT ALL CoC #3's are going to be 280 pounds, etc.

Throw out those numbers.  They are meaningless.  To get the real truth, get PDA to calibrate your grippers -- then you'll know what's going on.

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