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Congratulations man. I remember when you were saying "maybe I'll certify someday."

That day has come. You freaking did it man.

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7 hours ago, slazbob said:

With all the ccs vs mms discussions in the past, there is a big difference in the two. Depending on hand size it can be 15-25lbs. Difference in the two. Then you have Vinnie at 52 getting it done … very impressive! It’s very humbling for a parallel set trainee to put the card in there and seem weak haha. Why bother with that set at all? Especially if the ccs improves your deep set but not the other way around.

I think chez (whose gripper advice I respect immensely) believes that training parallel set DOES also improve wide set ability … I would think training either would help both, but you do want to be comfortable with the mechanics of the one you are trying to cert on so at least train ccs when you want to do the IM cert.  

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On 11/24/2021 at 1:20 PM, AdamTGlass said:

On that note I’ll get the date pinned down and let you know by end of week. I’m thinking April will be first big meet we host. 

Coincidentally, I have a friend in Austin who wants to gather a bunch of college classmates of ours in the area one weekend in April.  If you happen to know yet which weekend, I can see if I can sway him to choose the same weekend.  Then maybe I can cajole a small crew of grip newbies to show up and pad the bottom of the results at the comp lol ... or just have a few spectators.

With this much notice I can work out my time with my son so I can be free that weekend, so once you are definite, I should be able to commit.

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Great job very impressive, age only a number. It just shows you that hard work and determination you can do anything


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