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Martin Gaisser


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21 hours ago, KapMan said:

Revised goal;

Get back into grip.

Got a plan to make extra money and there by feeding that passion. My plan is to just work gripsport events and lose weight id like to get into -120kg class and back to competition by 2020. Id also like to host a contest here in NC if I can collaborate with NC PUA and get something setup to get NC on the map for annual contests. Venue is set already on my end. Just need peeps and gear. And a pop up book explaining how to score a contest🤪

Praying hard as hell I can knock all three off the list in the next couple of years. 

I have lived in the northeast all my life, and have been to Florida, Europe, Alaska, and Texas -- but I have never set foot in North Carolina (was on a bus that passed through it once, but didn't stop)!  If you host it, I will come (ok, unless my wife puts the kabash on it, but that's always a possibility lol ...).

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Got my 85 flask, some air under blob50, 78.1 blockbuster. How's everyone else doing?

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Fist of Fury

Got the reverse bend I wanted so I stopped there.

Bench press: +20-30 kg.
Squat: +30-40 kg.
Deadlift: I think it's the same, haven't trained it.
Rolling Thunder: +5 kg
Pinch: Stronger.
Grippers: Weaker.

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Got my MM7 so I’m happy.  New goals for next year:

1) MM8

2) COC 3.5 cert

3) get stronger all around and be even more competitive in competitions. Going to train hard for NAGs, KK and Living Legneds next year. Thick bar will be a huge focus. Also need to bring my pinch back up to pre injury levels and go beyond 

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