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It has occurred to me that many of the trip reports and write ups are hopelessly buried within the Contest Forum. 

These posts are actually a historical record of the creation and evolution of Gripsport.


In an effort to make sure that these reports and write-ups are not forever lost, we are creating this sub-forum to house them.  Additionally, by coming up with a consistent system to title them, it will make searching for a particular contest extremely easy, either by year, by name or by author.

For example…the first Contest Report I am putting up is Rick Walker's "You want it? You got it!" post from September 7th, 2003.  In order to have it fit into the new system, I am giving it the title…

"2003 September - Battle for Grip Supremacy - Rick Walker" 

When possible and/or makes sense…I will simply add the original title at the top of the post.

You will note several things.  The title starts with the Year, followed by the Month, followed by the actual Contest/Event title, followed by the author.  It is necessary to include the author because more than one person may write a trip report on an event and this will make for easy distinction.  

For example, there were no less than 3 reports on Gripmas back in 2007.  Without reading these reports, I'd have no idea that the 2007 Gripmas was Chris Rice's first "real" contest.  I had thought he came out the womb holding these contests.  ;)  There is such an amazing amount of great information about contests, AOBS dinners, road trips, and more…we need to make an effort of cataloguing them for the future.

While I have tried to be inclusive as possible collecting these, wading through 12 years of Grip-history isn't a casual task.  If I have left reports out (which is likely), please bring them to my attention, or…if you wrote it yourself, you can copy and paste your report using the new title system. 

Note:  I have not included any "links" to reports that are published on other sites.  If you wish your "linked" report to be included in this repository, feel free to add as many "actual reports" as you wish (again…using the new title system).   Additionally, I have not included short "sum-ups," that were published almost as afterthoughts, nor have I included any "write-up" that was simply a list of contest results.  While extremely valuable information, they don't fit into this collection of personal thoughts and observations.


P.S.  If you would like to read these in order...go to the right side and click "Sort by" then "start date." 

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Jedd Johnson

Good work, bro.  Battle for Grip Supremacy was a HUGE milestone for Grip Sport, in my opinion.

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Just stumbled across this report from NAGSC 2011 from Brent Barbe.  I know there are a bunch more out there.  

Please let me know so they don't continue to stay buried.  Thanks. :)


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