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2015 Canadian National Grip Sport Championships - February 28th

Eric Roussin

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Eric Roussin

2015 Canadian National Grip Sport Championships

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Ottawa, ON

Weigh-Ins: 8 am to 9:30 am

Contest Start: 10 am


One Hand Pinch Lift (Euro Device)

IronMind Rolling Thunder

FBBC 2” Vertical Bar

IronMind Silver Bullet (using a CoC #1, #2, or #3)

Medley (25 items)

Weight Classes:

Men’s 74 kg / 93 kg / 93+ kg

Women’s Open

Awards for top three finishers in each class and overall champion

Entry Fee - $25 (includes a pizza lunch)

Reverse Strongman Scoring

Open to all Canadian residents

Come be a part of Canada’s first ever Grip Sport Nationals!

Contact Eric Roussin by PM, email (eroussin@rogers.com) or phone (613-837-1724) to register and/or for additional information, including venue details.

General Rules:

The competitor can decide which hand to use for each event, but once a first attempt is made on a given lift, he/she cannot switch hands for subsequent attempts.

Up to 4 attempts are allowed for the One-Hand Pinch, Rolling Thunder, and 2” v-bar events. The amount of weight attempted must rise or stay the same for each subsequent attempt.

A single successful Silver Bullet attempt (i.e. 2+ seconds) is allowed. A competitor may opt for a lighter gripper following an unsuccessful attempt.

For the Medley, competitors can make as many attempts as desired within the 3-minute time limit.

Event-Specific Rules:

One Hand Pinch Lift:

The width of the pinch apparatus is adjustable to suit different hand sizes, but to keep it within the spirit of a pinch lift the minimum width allowed is the 2 outer steel discs and 2 rubber spacer discs, a width of 24mm. Before the event starts, you will be given the opportunity to try it and find your best width. The smooth-sided, adjustable-width disc is held on a 2” thick metal rod by a pair of collars. Extra weights will be added to the outsides. The top of this is grasped with an overhand pinch grip and lifted until the end of the bar touches a horizontal bar placed at 16.5”, measured from the underside of the bar to the floor. There is no referee’s signal. You do not have to be erect upon completion. You must lower the weight under control. If the outer discs accidentally touch the bar before the bar itself, referee’s discretion will be used to judge whether the correct height was attained. Pinch gripping the discs using an unorthodox underhand grip will not be allowed. The free hand may NOT be used to brace against the opposing leg.

Rolling Thunder:

The lifter grabs the Rolling Thunder handle in approximately its center and lifts with the handle remaining approximately parallel to the ground. A thumbless grip is not permitted.

Any contact between the lifter's hand and the non-revolving portion of the handle disqualifies the lift; and other than incidental contact, the hand or Rolling Thunder handle must not touch the body before the lift is completed—dragging the hand or handle up the leg is cause for an immediate "No lift."

The lifter must fully straighten up (back erect, legs and hips locked out); once standing straight, the lifter must maintain control of the lift for 1 second before getting a down signal from the referee, and must then return the weight to the ground. Contact must be maintained between the lifter's hand and the handle until the weight is resting on the floor. The referee then indicates whether the lift was passed or not. 

2” v-bar:

The lifter grips the top of the vertical bar with one hand. The off-hand may not be placed in contact during any part of the attempt. The lifter must pull the vertical bar at least 2 inches off the ground and then return the vertical bar to the floor under control. If the vertical bar is not lifted 2 inches or if the vertical bar slips out of the lifter's grip, the attempt is failed.

Silver Bullet:

The CoC Silver Bullet (with a 5-lb weight plate strapped to it) is inserted between the handles of a Captains of Crush gripper by the competitor no deeper than up to the top edge of the clear band, so that the script Captains of Crush is legible, and so that all four fingers are in contact with the CoC gripper handle (dropping the pinky completely off the end of the gripper handle is expressly prohibited).

Using one or two hands, the competitor closes the CoC No. 3 in his own time so that the two handles hold the CoC Silver Bullet in place and once this position has been achieved, and only one hand is holding the gripper shut, the referee gives the signal to start the clock.

The hand must be held with the gripper approximately vertical.

Time stops when the Silver Bullet drops from the handles or when the referee observes any opening of the gripper handle for any reason whatsoever.


Competitors will each have three minutes to complete as many feats as possible. All feats are to be completed using one hand; however competitors may switch hands whenever, and as often as they wish. (Precise Medley details to be posted by December 17th.)

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Eric Roussin

In addition to awards to the top three finishers in each class, class champions will also be awarded a free entry to the NAGS Championship in June. I'm hoping to bring a team of Canadians down this year.

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Jedd Johnson

Yes, awesome. Take note the Silver Bullet is done with 2.5-kg.

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Eric Roussin

Medley Items and Weights - 3-minute time limit

Lift a 32.5 lb Blob by the face

Lift 40 lbs with the IM Pinch Block

Lift 135 lbs with the Sorinex Anvil Trainer

Pinch 2 35s

Pinch 2 25s

Close an IM Tug #3 with Pinky Finger

Close a CoC #2.5 (parallel set)

Close a COC #1.5 (parallel set)

Reverse Rotate a 6-lb Sledge

Lift 25 lbs with the Half-penny (World of Grip)

Rear Lever a 10-lb Sledge (Coin on Head)

Lift 35 lbs with the Stub (World of Grip)

Lift 25 lbs with the MoonTop (World of Grip)

Front Lever an 8-lb Sledge (Coin on Head)

Lift a 172-lb Anvil by the Horn

Plate Curl a 35-lb Plate

Lift the Inch Dumbbell

Lift 110 lbs with a 4” (8-lb) FBBC Bomb

Lift a 45-lb Plate by the hub

Rotate 12.5 lbs with a Heavy Hammer II Leverage Bar

Palm pinch 40lbs with a piece of 2’x4’

Lift the Blob50

Pinch 4 10s

Lift a 25-lb Plate by the hub (wide/shallow)

Lift a 132-lb Clevis by the 3.3” Pin

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Eric Roussin

More than a dozen people will be competing this Saturday. My goal is to finish at the top of the overall standings, but it won't be easy!

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Good luck to you all, hope to see some big numbers. Great to see the 2" FBBC vbar being contested again! That has fallen out of favor, and I don't know why. It is a good test and doesn't rip hands up. Some people used to complain about the 1" vbar not being a good test of hand strength...those people usually weren't the ones lifting big weights though. :)

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Eric Roussin

Thanks everyone. Full results will be posted this evening.

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Eric Roussin

Here are the results from today’s Canadian National Grip Sport Championships:

Men’s 74kg

1st – Simon-Pierre Desjarlais (ON)
2nd – Philippe Tremblay (QC)
3rd – Sylvain Desjarlais (ON)

Men’s 93kg

1st – Eric Roussin (ON)
2nd – Rick Blanchard (ON)

Men’s 93+kg

1st – Rob McMurren (ON)
2nd – Marc Turgeon (QC)
3rd – Samuel Cashman-Kadri (QC)
4th – Philippe Trottier (QC)

Overall Champion – Eric Roussin

Detailed event results will be posted later today…

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Andrew P

Congratulations Eric. Looking forward to seeing the numbers put up on the 2" V-Bar.

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Eric Roussin

2015 Canadian National Grip Sport Championships

Detailed Results

Overall Standings

1 – Eric Roussin – 5.5 points

2 – Rob McMurren – 12.5 points

3 – Marc Turgeon – 18.5 points

4 – Samuel Cashman-Kadri – 19.5 points

5 – Philippe Trottier – 21 points

6 – Simon-Pierre Desjarlais – 34 points

7 – Philippe Tremblay – 37 points

8 – Sylvain Desjarlais – 39 points

9 – Rick Blanchard – 39.5 points

Best Lifts

Event 1 – One-Hand Pinch (Euro)

T1 – Eric Roussin – 96.29 lbs

T1 – Marc Turgeon – 96.29 lbs

3 – Rob McMurren – 93.81 lbs

4 – Samuel Cashman-Kadri – 81.31 lbs

5 – Philippe Trottier – 76.29 lbs

6 – Simon-Pierre Desjarlais – 73.14 lbs

7 – Rick Blanchard – 71.13 lbs

8 – Sylvain Desjarlais – 70.05 lbs

9 – Philippe Tremblay – 63.42 lbs

Event 2 – Rolling Thunder

1 – Eric Roussin – 215.07 lbs

2 – Rob McMurren – 189.96 lbs

T3 – Marc Turgeon – 166.53 lbs

T3 – Samuel Cashman-Kadri – 166.53 lbs

5 – Philippe Trottier – 159.19 lbs

6 – Simon-Pierre Desjarlais – 149.01 lbs

7 – Sylvain Desjarlais – 146.54 lbs

8 – Philippe Tremblay – 133.14 lbs

9 – Rick Blanchard – 0

Event 3 – 2” V-Bar (FBBC)

1 – Eric Roussin – 276.53 lbs

2 – Philippe Trottier – 236.31 lbs

T3 – Rob McMurren – 233.84 lbs

T3 – Samuel Cashman-Kadri – 233.84 lbs

5 – Philippe Tremblay – 213.72 lbs

T6 – Marc Turgeon – 206.21 lbs

T6 – Rick Blanchard – 0

8 – Simon-Pierre Desjarlais – 190.37 lbs

9 – Sylvain Desjarlais – 180.26 lbs

Event 4 – Silver Bullet

1 – Eric Roussin – 26 seconds (CoC #3)

2 – Rob McMurren – 23 seconds (CoC #3)

3 – Samuel Cashman-Kadri – 20 seconds (CoC #3)

4 – Marc Turgeon – 7 seconds (CoC #3)

5 – Philippe Trottier – 2 seconds (CoC #3)

6 – Philippe Tremblay – 29 seconds (CoC #2)

7 – Simon-Pierre Desjarlais – 9 seconds (CoC #2)

8 – Sylvain Desjarlais – 6 seconds (CoC #2)

9 – Rick Blanchard – 37 seconds (CoC #1)

Event 5 – Medley (25 items)

1 – Eric Roussin – 23 items

2 – Rob McMurren – 21 items

3 – Marc Turgeon – 18 items

4 – Philippe Trottier – 17 items

T5 – Samuel Cashman-Kadri – 16 items

T5 – Simon-Pierre Desjarlais – 16 items

7 – Sylvain Desjarlais – 13 items

8 – Rick Blanchard – 12 items

9 – Philippe Tremblay – 7 items

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Eric, great performance and lots of excellent numbers by many, congratulations!

I thought Chris Rice designed the most innovative/valid (measuring "grip") contests I've competed in. IMO you may have surpassed him w/ your event selection, not much I'd change and a great direction for grip. Well done!

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Eric Roussin

Thanks guys!

Bob, thanks for the kind words. The guys who competed seemed to like the mix.

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Eric Roussin

As is usually the case, there were a few people who didn't end up making the event. But the nine men who did compete had a great time. It was the first grip contest for four of the competitors.

Rob McMurren travelled the greatest distance to compete, and he did very well. He's well-balanced in all areas of grip strength. Luckily, he has family near where I live, so he's likely to compete in many more of my events.

Overall, I was pleased with my performance. Though I didn't manage to reach numbers I've hit in the past for the Rolling Thunder, 2" V-Bar, and Silver Bullet, I did manage to hit a PR in the one-hand pinch. 100 lbs is just around the corner!

I expect future Canadian National Grip Sport Championships to grow substantially!

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Great looking event Eric! Sad more aren't interested out here.

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Eric Roussin

Thanks Jason and Kody!

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Eric Roussin

Thanks, Igor.

The One Hand Pinch and 2" v-bar results from this competition can now be found on gripsport.org.

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