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Inch Dumbbell Lifts And Feats

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1. Inch must be scaled on video and weigh at least 170-lbs. In the case of stamped DB's only the weight stamp needs to be shown.

2. Chalk ONLY may be used. No other grip aids.
3. The Inch must be lifted as level as possible with only minor deviations from level, and must be level at the top of the lift.

4. Lifter must reach a point where the knees, hips and off-hand shoulder lock out in alignment with one another.


5. Inch Dumbbell does NOT have to be controlled to the floor.

6. The following techniques may be used: straddle position, grip neutral; straddle position, grip overhand; suitcase position.

Inch Dumbbell Replica

Wade Gillingham
Richard Sorin
Jim Wylie
Steve Gardener
Nathan Holle
David Horne
Chris James
Bob Woodard
Jeff Bissonnette
Ryan Brown
Shane Larson
Jedd Johnson
Shawn Littleton
Eli Kiener (Eli72)
Clay Edgin
Ron Mazza
David Thornton
Travis Alcorn
Ryan Klein
John Eaton
Chad Woodall
Martin Ressel (Martinch)
Andrew Durniat
Laine Snook (also lifted the Millennium DB at the same time)
Rex Hubbard
Aaron Corcorran
Jonas Samuelsson-Säll
Adam T. Glass
Eric Roussin
Juha Harju
Kupinckiy Igor

John Wojciechowski 

Double Inch Farmers Walk

Jeff Bissonette
Joel Sward
Andrew Durniat
Adam T. Glass

Juha Harju - 32 Feet

Inch 78kg and 3x15kg discs

Juha Harju

Inch Dumbbell and 50# Blob

Wade Gillingham*
Jedd Johnson*
Chad Woodall*
Andrew Durniat
Brian Shaw*
Rex Hubbard
Adam T. Glass*
Juha Harju
Bob Sundin
Tanner Merkle

*Wade, Jedd, Chad, and Adam actually did a Farmers Walk!

Inch DB + 50lb Blob Curl

Juha Harju

Inch DB and 25k/20k plate pinch

Juha Harju

Inch DB + 2x45lb Pinch

Jedd Johnson

Bob Sundin

Inch Dumbbell Load to Platform

Baby Inch Dumbbell

Tom Scibelli

67k bell

Bob van Genugten

64k bell

Jake Sahlaney
Delmar Carter

58k bell

53k bell

Dave Mitti

Andrew Panke

48k bell

42k bell

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