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Splitting Up Griptraining

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Geralt    1,370

Ok...so here's what I am thinking about and I would really appreciate some input:

I am currently on a once per week griptrainingregime. On two other days, non executive I focus mainly on deadlift (Mon) and squats (Wed).

When doing grip, I start with grippers (dropsets, thnx Chez ;) ), then switch to open handstrength (dumbbell lifts with Fatgripz Extreme)

and then finally killing the forearms with wristcurls, and other exc. that kill the smaller muscles. In general with grippers I try not to max out every week, but working on doubles and triples.

I seem to have reached a plateau with grippers and would like to shake things a little bit up.

I recently stumbled upon some interesting info from Andrew Durniat in which he is building general gripstrength from thickbarwork, heavy wristwork and then for some weeks specializing in for instance, grippers before a competition.

I notice when doing more gripwork per week, like thickbar / lighter grippers, it just kills my gripperwork, training twice per week is too much if I would like to have one of those days to be beneficial for grippers. Or I should go much lighter on the grippers, which I think wouldn't be beneficial for gaining strength. (twice is too low for volume effect I think). Besides that, practice makes perfect and the IM cert is my current goal. So I need to practise gripperwork / CCS's.

I can ditch grippers for a while maybe and concentrate on twice per week open handstrength and assistance work, but I am so close to a fairly consistent CCS#3, that I would not like to let that slip out of my hands now. I just need some more power.

Any tips or experience are/is very much appreciated.

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Tommy J.    1,904
Tommy J.

if your goal is to cert the #3, then you need to focus on that more than anything else. you mentioned what Andrew said about thick bar being good for general hand strength. and while I firmly agree, the key word to pay attention to in that statement is "general" hand strength.. meaning that you may discard this part of training to be able to focus more directly on your goal; the #3 cert.

the only thing I would add to the gripper training to make the cert happen would be maybe a bit of active rest/rehab (wrist roller, get lots of blood flow to the forearm, etc.) on off days between heavy gripper workouts. also, as you already know, train only the CCS and train it hard until you cert.

however, after your cert, I would highly recommend doing as Andrew recommends for your grip training until you have another specific goal youd like to accomplish.

id like to also add, if you have closed a #3 with a CCS more than a handful of times in the last month, and can come close most any other time, then its time to sign up for the cert.. no sweat. on cert day youll have enough adrenaline to make up for having a possible "off day".


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