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Brett H

Great Product And Service

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Brett H    126
Brett H

I just wanted to share my first experience with the Sorinex company. I recently ordered a 4" Pinch Block as well as a COC #3 signed by Mr. Sorin. After initially being told that my order may take up to four weeks I called and spoke with Chris Andrews. Chris actually went to the warehouse himself to find that there were indeed a couple of the 4" blocks that were not showing up in their inventory. My package was shipped the same day and arrived in south Florida two days later!! I could not have asked for better service and I would like to once again thank Mr. Andrews.

As for the products; the pinch block in my opinion is the best I have owned, no offense at all intended to the other manufacturers. The block is as heavy as any other and I really like the textured finish. I also like the thickness options available and the price is unbeatable. As for the gripper it is done with the same quality appraoch; Mr. Sorin not only signed the packaging card but he also opens a small portion of the plastic and signs the handle. As Mighty Joe stated to me; "this is a gripper that should be in any collector's collection."

Overall, an excellent first purchase and I plan on buying more from Sorinex in the near future!!

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mightyjoe    384

Bravo Bret!!!

I'm glad you bought the signed gripper from Richard! You'll never ever regret buying

and owning that gripper!

As for any other product from Sorinex? One simply can't go wrong! Yes! The other sponsors here

on the GB have outstanding products as well but there's something special about a product that comes

from a tried and true icon and legend of the Grip World, Richard Sorin!

Thanks for sharing your experience Bret!!!

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