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How Good Can Your Grip Be Without Strong Forearms?


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Sorry but you simply aren't listening.

Ahem...speaking of not listening, I am surprised that no one has mentioned a "classic" regarding grip strength. Big forearms do not necessarily mean strong grip. Jeez, how often do you see that the case with bodybuilders? You can have strong forearms without them being big ones. Looks can be deceiving.

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Paul Savage

Poor example Alex. A thousand strongman competitors have stronger support grip strength than John. They train grip a max of twice a week, once through general gym lifting without over using straps, and once through events training (farmer walks, truck pulls, sand bags etc). Sometimes cutting out one or the other in hard training cycles. All of these peoples training is based around the basic heavy gym lifts.

Also a poor excuse with the tricep injury. Firstly, get it looked at by a professional and rehab it in this manner. You will then not have this issue. Until then, do dumbbell flys and barbell front raises instead of bench and overhead, problem solved.

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Insanity is doing the same thing time after time and expecting a different result.

As for climber piling on you - yes I am - I am honestly trying to help you by giving you a kick in the pants. You have reached out to me many times for equipment purchases, equipment advice, how to make equipment, and how to train. Your excuse for not making equipment is - no steel retailer close by, no welder close by, no money. You live in Wales and are 24 years old. The whole country of Wales can be driven across in a few hours so come on - somebody there sells steel, can weld, and/or owns a fab shop that could make things for you - get in your car and go find these things. I (and many others) have tried to give you advice on what "we think" (you did ask us remember) you need to do from the information you have given us. And you come back with pretty much "I don't want to do "that"" or what else can I do besides squats and deadlifts and other compound exercises. Bruce Lee didn't do that or Brookfield didn't do this. How do you know what Brookfield did as he was developing his strength - he juggles KBs most of us can barely snatch - none of us are John Brookfield - John also makes two of many of us - he is a big man . Supporting grip by its very definition means you have to support something (something heavy to have any meaning I assume). There are a lot of strong guys on here who are not very big but are very strong - they did NOT get that way doing only "flexor" work. So please - get out of your comfort zone and think about what you are really wanting when you ask for help - are you asking for confirmation that we all agree with you or did you really want other ideas from people on what you might do to get stronger?

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Mike Sharkey

Brother I hope you will take all this as constructive criticism. I spent the time to tell you about something revolutionary that can help you for the rest if your life, and you didn't even ask me a question. For me, this is an example of "You can lead a horse to water..."

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