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Kody Burns 106# Left And Right 1hp

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Stephen Ruby

wow easy

Do you know which width he likes to use?

115 is the all time world record on the lift he could probably break that in training now, should get him to do eric's king kong grip contest to break it officially.

I saw he did 82lbs last year at a contest what did he do to bring up this lift so quick? Or was it just not being used to the technique for this lift compared to the 2hp which he is the best at.

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Used 46mm Stephen. Haven't experimented at all. Just kinda goofin around really. Just got shoulder surgery June 20th and I shouldn't have even been doing it honestly.

As far as only doing 82 lbs last year at Adams' contest (my first contest) I actually went too hard the week prior pinching 2/45's around my body several times and didn't really understand the recovery aspect of things quite yet. I think the pinch strength was always there but just needed to figure out the rest and recovery times I needed. As far as my 2 hand pinch, once I talked to Chris Rice and he talked some sense into my technique I felt like I had legitimate shot coming close to the record once I understood and applied what he was telling me. But I worked my ass off too for many years before I even knew there was people competing in contests. Saying I'm the best certainly sounds weird to me but thanks for the compliment. Just doing what I like to do.

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