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Chris James Broken Record Of Hermann Görner!


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Six Barrel Shotgun

Görner was wrestling with elephants.. Not an easy man to beat :)


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Bearcat 74

Dang, that pains my fingers to watch.

Monsterous lift

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Wow 616 pound lift with 4 fingers is Super Strong!

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Mike Sharkey

Amazing video, I'm surprised this hasn't got more attention!!

It isn't a gripper close, it'll get 15 replies tops.

Hahaha ;)

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That is insane. No clue how his fingers can handle that.

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Stephen Ruby

woah my fingers would rip off long before I got that heavy, very impressive!

Watching some of his other videos and he is a machine, ridiculous lifts all around. Has he done any grip contests or other strength contests?

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Billy Jack

I don't think he has done many grip comps, atleast not in a long time.

I remember browsing the IM forums a few months back after following a link from google and I found a thread concerning grip monsters who stay out of the spotlight and Chris James' name immediately came up. Someone on that forum, not sure if was Randall Strossen, Rich Sorin, or another legend was talking about how Chris James could easily change the world of grip if he decided to keep pursuing and train for it enough.

After a quick search, here is a list of witnessed feats he has performed, as written by a third party and not himself:


All lifts witnessed with many on film and photographed. Doesn’t use weightlifting belt, straps or other aids. Equipment used: Dumbells, 2 inch diameter bars – main plates 25lbs, Olympic Barbells, 2 inch diameter bar, Pinch Grip, Thumb & first two fingers, Block weight 80lbs – 4ins thick – 6ins wide – 12ins long

PINCH GRIP BLOCK WEIGHT - 80lbs carried 15yards – clean and press – either hand

PINCH GRIP WEIGHT PLATE - 75lbs clean and press – either hand


ONE HANDED DUMBELL SWING - 180lbs (Louis Cyr used a 1inch diameter)

ONE HANDED DUMBELL SWING - 110lbs x 48 reps


ONE HANDED BARBELL CLEAN – 275lbs----------------Unreal

ONE HANDED BARBELL FARMERS WALK – 350lbs (carried suit case style)

BARBELL FARMERS WALK – One in each hand 300lbs each (carried suit case style), 2 home made oxyacetylene bottles each weighing 165lbs plus 135lbs iron blocks welded on side!

SEATED DUMBELL PRESS – 150lbs x 5 140lbs x 8

STANDING DUMBELL CLEAN & PUSH PRESS – 160lbs x 2 150lbs x 7 140lbs x 12 125lbs x 21 either hand

INCLINE DUMBELL PRESS - 175lbs x 10 x 3 sets

CHINS (full hang) - 200lbs x 4 150lbs x 8

TWO FINGER CHINS – 110lbs x 8

PARALLEL BAR DIPS – 242lbs x 8

ONE HANDED DEADLIFT (overhand grip) – 500lbs x 2 400lbs x 10--------------------------WOW

STRAIGHT LEGGED DEADLIFTS (overhand grip) – 500lbs x 20

DEADLIFT (overhand grip) – 660lbs x 5

DEADLIFT FROM KNEES (overhand grip) – 1,100lbs x 3

BENCH PRESS – 505lbs x 8 460lbs x 6 420lbs x 10 400lbs x 20 308lbs x 40


INCLINE DUMBELL BENCH PRESS - 175lbs dumbells 10 x 3 sets

STRAIGHT ARM PULLOVER (strict) – 166lbs x 8 (bodyweight 14st 4lbs)

BARBELL CURL (Strict with back against wall) – 210lbs (bodyweight 14st 4lbs)

BARBELL CURL (loose style) – 220lbs x 5 (bodyweight 14st 4lbs)

EZ BAR CURL – 315lbs!

BENT OVER BARBELL ROWS – 400lbs x 5 x 4 sets 360lbs x 5 x 4 sets

BARBELL PUSH PRESS off rack Awesome! – 410lbs x 3 310lbs x 10 250lbs x 20

SQUAT (lift from the bottom of power rack) – 650lbs x 3 580lbs x 10 410lbs x 20

HALF SQUAT – 770lbs x 18 (to protect knees – does not specialise on the squat )


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Stephen Ruby

Some of those seem quite unreal thats for sure,-like 1,100 rack pulls Double overhand for reps for one but a few stand out-

The ones you picked out seem believable though I have seen video of guy named dario do 265lb one hand clean on video

The one hand deadlift might be hook grip? I know mark felix has done near 500lbs one handed but think he used a hook grip.

He is incredibly strong no doubt though hope he continues to post videos would love to see him compete at like mighty mitts. Thanks for sharing the video and the information on him.

Edited by Stephen Ruby
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Paul Savage

Squat more - number 16 bro!

James is a manster for sure. A couple of these feats will read as a no way no go but i don't think it's that the mans lying with rack pulls etc probably just the bars bent or bending so much it doesn't spin like regular.

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This guy Bench Presses 400 x 20 reps and 308 x 40 reps???

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Actually, I believe someone who trains with him and is a very strong relatively lightweight strongman (Chris Jenkins, perhaps??) recentle stated Chris benched 600 in training.

Chris posted a video about 3-4 years ago of a one hand clean of I think 120kg (264.6#). That one is still in youtube. I can believe pretty much all of those claims.

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One of the strongest men to walk the planet right now!!!

Down right AMAZING!!!

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