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3 Year Tricep Injury.. Is Prolotherapy The Answer?

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Jones1874    81

long story short.. ive been dogged with triceps tendonisis for about 3 years now, it came about from overhead pressing too much apparently (x2 30kg DBs). i seen a chiropractor and a physio, but had more luck by seeing to it myself, foam rolling my forearms and triceps with a small rubber ball (same size as tennis ball) and now a golf ball to get out the small knots (aka) trigger points. that helped really helped to remove tension and tightness ALOT which allows me to work out and go about my stuff with no pain. the only problem i have now is building the strength back up in it. i have just stopped icing my tricep recently, but i need to get back into it, doing it twice a day for 15 minutes because i think that helped.

other things ive been doing for rehab is isometrics + ill be starting on the negatives soon, doing them x3 a week.

anway, i just wanted to ask if anyone knows somewhere in the UK which uses Prolotherapy for treatment? ive heard this is one of the better options for people with chronic tendonosis.

its been 3 Years now.. so if someone could let me know id appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Thanks in advance.


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