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John Mccarter - Level 1

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The GripBoard Proudly Certifies:

John McCarter


GripBoard Mash Monster Level 1

This certification is granted by The GripBoard as an independent third party with no ethical or commercial conflict of interest.

The Mash Monster Gripper is one of a limited number supplied and controlled by The GripBoard.

The gripper is closed with one hand under strict and uniformly ethical and authenticated conditions.

This momentous feat was demonstrated on video to assure it will be valid for posterity.


John mashes the GripBoard Mash Monster Gripper - Level 1

Official Mash Monster Video

Mash Monster Profile

Age: 26

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 203lbs

Date of Feat: July 26, 2012

How Long Grip Training

5 years

Current Grip Training Program

Grip work is performed on Grip machines.

Other Training Info

Kettlebells, chest expanders, muscle control, squats.


I just like to give a thanks to everyone who has helped me out in any way.


John McCarter, the 80th man in the world to close the Mash Monster Gripper - Level 1.

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Interview: John McCarter

Could you tell us a little about your background in lifting?

I never got into lifting, except in the case of kettlebells, which have been an on and off type training over the years. The only thing lifting I enjoy doing is Deadlifts.

How did you get into grip training?

5 years ago, a crazy idea popped into my head to try ripping a phonebook. After I had ripped it into two halves I did some research and found the coc grippers, since then I’ve never looked back.

You are now a GripBoard Mash Monster, what would you recommend to those aspiring to close this gripper?

Take your time in know that you want to go after this gripper, don’t rush anything and let your strength build up.

What does your current grip routine look like?

My whole training routine on grip training is all based off of things Joe Kinney had done/did, except with the reps, after finding out how painful a 60 rep routine felt, I brought the numbers down to about 10 or 9 singles. I work grip about 2 or 3 times a week, light warm ups with a gripper I can TNS, then I go right into the Secret Weapon, then I work my Pinch Grip, I might throw in some wrist work, then I close out by working my extensors.

How has your grip routine changed since you first started training your grip?

When I started out, I was just doing mindless reps, I managed to work my way up to a 2.5, but that was it. If I had been smart years ago, I would had switched over to grip machines years ago.

What are your favorite grip exercises?

Negatives with grip machines and the IronMind Hub.

What kind of starting routine would you recommend for a trainee new to grip training?

I would have them start out buy doing only grippers for a 5x5 program, then slowly adding other aspects of grip strength into their training (pinch, wrist/bending, etc.).

Who do you most admire in gripdom?

Joe Kinney (I personally could care less if he closed a #4), Paul Knight, Richard Sorin, Jedd Johnson, Adam Glass, there’s just some many people I could mention.

If you were to start over again with your grip training, what would you do differently?

I would make sure I would only do singles on grippers and Switch over to grip machines.

What do you believe is the most difficult grip exercise?

Just sticking with your current program and trying to see your goals become a reality.

What are some of your personal bests in grip exercises?

Repping a #3.5, lifting a 50 lb Blob (having never trained blobs before), bending a IronMind Red Nail, and becoming a Captain of Crush.

What do you believe is the most common mistake made by new grip trainees?

Overtraining and not listening to others who want to help you reach your goals.

What do you consider to be the greatest grip feats of all time?

I could say closing a #4, lifting an Inch replica, but to myself, I believe it’s being able to prove to your self you can do everything you have set out to do and make that become a reality.

Do you have any parting advice for readers?

Know what you want to go after and make it your number one goal, don’t let others tell you it can’t be done, it can! Find what works for you and stick with it.

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