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Mighty Joe's Wall Of Grip Video Series!


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Okay guys this will be the official thread for my video series of my "gripper collection" known as "Mighty Joe's Wall of Grip". Late Saturday (19th) or early Sunday (20th) will be video #1 which is

Due to some changes in my planning and layout of my next video (#5) of my series I thought I would post a 2 part video I did on my current forearm training for you guys that's also posted over on th

FINALLY! After a short power outage this afternoon here's part 1 of video #5: Here's part 2: Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy! There's so MUCH MORE to cover!!! I LOVE GRIP!!!

fortes mãos

That is awesome collection! I need to go over there with the Hell Kitchen Crew and try some! And you can teach me how to really arm wrestle.

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I miss you Joe.... And I hope you are well.

Come back soon


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i just stumbles onto this video with Mightyjoe last night.  It is long but has some good info:


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great content wish there was more grip content like this on youtube.  i love seeing other peoples collections of equipment.  i just have a small collection of blobs, loading pins, and handles.  my favorite grippers are the ghp grippers.

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