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Wrist Plate Curls

Tom Black

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Not sure I understand the distinction? Number of reps?

My max wrist curl with barbell is 240 for one rep- so that

is a feat?

If plate wrist curls are used for sets would they not be an exercise?

I can plate curl a 25 pounder but cannot even BEGIN to

plate wrist curl it.

I have been deFEATed :dry

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If something is a feat because it is difficult, then that same

feat becomes a non-feat for someone stronger?

So for a man able to close the #3, the #2 is no longer a feat?

Not trying to be argumentative, I just don't get the distinction you are making.

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To me lifting an Inch replica, or pinching 2 x 45 lb plates are feats. Of course anything can be described as a feat. Some are training to lift an Inch replica so that they can achieve the feat itself. Some are doing barbell wristcurls as an exercise for wrists and forearms and not with a specific poundage as a goal.

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Guest wells

My plate wrist curls stunk last night. Used a 10lb plate. 5 sets 12-15 reps. Awfully weak... I actually felt some pain. Sad...

However, it might have to do with the 1250 km I drove over the weekend. Went to Saint Tropez (Southern France, in the Med. near Nice/Monaco) for the weekend with the wife and kid. But I don't think driving should have had that much of an effect. Have any of you experienced weakness in the hands, wrists, & forearms due to extended driving?

Tonight: Grippers & Hammer Leverage Bar (light work) then rest for two days and I will go at the wirst plate curls again on thursday.

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Guest wells

15 lb. Wrist Plate Curls went extremely well Saturday afternoon.

Warmed up with Reverse Barbell Curls. Five sets of 12-15 reps very slow. Finished off with some Behind-the-Back Wrist Curls, four sets (2 heavy 5-7 reps / 2 light 12-15 reps).

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