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Concrete Decision


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Okay, here goes, the bullseye is centered

on my chest.

Has anyone on the board ever tried to make

a mold of their hands in grip position? By that

I mean, begin with a 1-1/2" piece of pipe (or

bar), slap some type of clay or fast drying

concrete around it then squeeze your hand so

that, when the material dries, you will have

a form fitting place for your grip, as in lat

pulldowns or farmer's walks.

It seems by doing this each finger would be

doing its 'nature's share' of the work.

What type of material would work best for this?

Any sculptors on the board?

It may not be as silly as it sounds...so be kind.

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I think you can do this with ordinary Play-doh.  Try it.  You haffta let it completely dry out however.

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