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:bow:mosher:rock YOU DA MAN!!!

So are you going to be "the guy'' who skips the #3 cert and goes straight for the 4 ?

IMHO, if you are able to get certified for the #4, regardless if you are certified or not with the #3 you should be labeled as certified for both for I know from trying myself that the #4 is hell a lot hard than the #3.

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  • 2 years later...

It's an old thread, just saw Patrick posting in another thread and wondered why he wasn't MM0. He's got some big gripper closes on youtube. Check out his videos.

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Fantastic! First #4 certifier with new rules here?

Ah dammit Odin!!!! :D I thought I was gonna see SOMETHING NEW... instead he digs up an old thread and gets me all excited for nothing!!! :(

As to why Patrick didn't pursue Mash Monster status, how come you didn't ask him directly???

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