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The Quest For The #3 - Part 3


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Sat, 10 Jul 1999


Hope your workout goes well today. I had a good one last night, and I am paying for it today!! Ah... sweet soreness!! Only a fellow 20 year veteran would appreciate post workout soreness. I too have been lifting for a similar length of time, but I'm even "greener" than you when it comes to grip training, as I've only been doing this type of stuff for a year. I attribute alot of my grip strength to the fact that over my 20 years of training I very rarely used straps. The only exercise I used to use them on were deadlifts. After I read Dinosaur Training, which I'm sure you've probably read, I decided to try deadlifting without straps. Lo and behold, my grip was more than sufficient enough to hold the weight. I've done a 540 deadlift with no grip problems at all, and have done an 855 deadlift lockout(moved the bar about 4"), without any grip problems. I have also done a 505 deadlift using a 2" thick bar with no problem. I'm sure you've heard of Richard Sorin. If you haven't, he was the first guy to close the #3. Anyway, there was a picture of him in an old issue of MILO that shows him doing a deadlift lockout with 1301 lbs. This is NOT a misprint!! I'd hate to shake hands with this guy! To answer your other questions, I am from the New York area, am 6'2", and usually weigh in the neighborhood of 240. Do you live near any well known gyms? Look forward to hearing from you. Pile on the weight!!! Go get that #3!!!! We will defeat it!!!


Thursday, July 22, 1999

Hey Steve,

How are things going? I was on vacation for a week. Went home and trained in my parents basement just like when I started. I had not done plate pinch grips and ended up with a new PR of 72.5. I use 2 of the fat lipped tens and add weight with a belt through the middle. I had not done these since going back to the Secret Weapon. I was shocked actually. I think part of the large gain was due to more friction on the outside of the 10's.

The vacation set me back on consistent use of the SW, but I am getting back in the saddle again this weekend.


Sat, 7 Aug 1999


Sorry I took so long to respond, as I have been working monstrous amounts of time as of late. However, this has been a good thing, because it forced me to consolidate my grip training time. This has been a good thing, because it has allowed me more recovery time. Anyway, last night, I came within 3/16" of closing #3 with my right hand, and 7/16" with my left. I can get these precise measurements, because I have pieces of wood of specific thicknesses laying around my home gym to gauge my progress. My "winning" training program is pretty brief, but has seemed to start me on the road to progress again. The way that it felt when I almost shut that darned #3 was great! I exploded into the movement, and it really felt like I was going to get it. So close, but I WILL get it soon. My grip routine is now the following, performed twice a week at the end of my workouts:

#1-2warmup sets of 5 reps, #2-2 warmup sets of 1 rep, #3 1 attempt, Secret

Weapon-3-4 sets of holds. That is it!! Brief, but brutal. The warmup sets are performed as explosively as possible; to get my hands ready for what's to come. Well, it's nice weather here, and I'm off to the beach. Look forward to hearing about your progress.



PS After I close the #3, my next goal is to pinch grip a pair of 45's.Personal best so far is 2 35's with 10 lbs. additional via an adjustable dumbell put through the holes of the 35's for a total of 80 lbs. Like you, I have not worked these in awhile, but will give them some attention once my picture gets into MILO. I EXPECT to see yours there too!!

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