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When you get sick of just deadlifting Blobzilla...yawn lol @Lucasraymond @Mike Rinderle

Been wanting this feat for a while. As it turns out, it only took a small adjustment to finally get it. 


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3 whites.  Congrats!

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if Chaffee and Larratt were instead of Kurdecha and Prudnik, it would be TOP 8



Now it' rubbish. .:)

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Back in November when I said my goal was to use a COC 3.5 on the Silver Bullet by the Arnolds, I am not sure how many people took me seriously. Well, I did it today. Check that off my to do list. I do the best SIlver Bullets and grippers without warm ups.  I get tossed these random challenges and it's like my brain short circuits, logic goes out the door and I'm all in. And to not get it on vid. WAHHHHHHH.....

The only thing I could do at that point was retry. Which I did and was so excited my hand slipped off the gripper and then the attempts after that were downhill. In true juvenile form to document that it happened and was a real thing, I interviewed those around me, starting with the guy who issued me the challenge. I figured he was giving me the COC 3 which is old news so the thought of a vid wasn't even on my radar. 

Here's my best interviewing skills since we all missed my gripping skills. 

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Congrats!  First attempt got 3 whites.  Had to go a different route than YouTube due to resolution issues on upload.


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