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It's been a decent month for pinching.


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Congrats!  3 whites! Now the MM9!  Never before attempted!!!
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Congrats to Stephen!


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Congrats to Riccardo!

2nd attempt 3 whites!

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So I'm pretty new to this site but I decided to start a training log for extra motivation. I closed the #3 with a parallel set a couple years ago but just stopped training. I'm getting back into it with the goal of certifying on the #3 within in the year and I would also like to make a run at the mash monster ladder. I closed the #2.5 the first time I tried heavy duty grippers and within a couple of months closed the #3. 2 nights ago I was close to closing the #3 again after my training session. I will be posting my training routine here. I respect the knowledge of everyone on this site since some of the best grip guys are members. Please respond with your critic of my routine and let me know if there is anything else I should try to in order to reach my goal. I just order my first new gripper in years (the RB240) which I hope will help me close the gap between the 2.5 and 3. I also have a BBM 5/8" and BBGM on the way to mix things up. I will probably start posting as soon as the RB 240 comes in.
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He crushed it! Both left and right. Congrats!

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