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Congrats to Michael!

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I wasn't suppose to try grippers tonight because I trained them recently and even hit a little thick bar over the weekend so my hand wasn't fresh but I was feeling strong during a bench press workout tonight so I tried a #3.5 CCS close and I destroyed it. First time trying this since coming back from my injury. I haven't trained CCS in a long time so I fumbled the set a little. I CCS closed this gripper before the injury but never this easy. My crush is stronger than ever. I know fresh I can do even better. Not the best video because I used my phone so lots of motion blur and my buddy doesn't have much experience filming closes. I may try and cert at the gripmas comp this year in December. 4 more months to get even stronger. Crush is feeling dam strong!



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My buddy, @Mike Rinderle, recently went through a bout of Rhabdo, and had to spend some time in the hospital.

Rhabdo is also what @Juha Harju had in 2016/2017 and he had some very serious complications and experienced complications for over a year.

I wasn't aware of how serious this was until Juha got it and when Rindo got it, I asked him to be on This Week in Grip with us.

We covered it all on Episod e57.  Please listen to it for the information that Rindo shares.

Than you.
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HUGE Close!  Congrats to Chez!

He is now ONE of FOUR to close this monster gripper!


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All time PR!!!
(pardon my language)

115.2lbs / 52.25kg on the flask!

65.3% bw lifted

Bodyweight: 176.4lbs!


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Jedd Johnson loaned me his #4 to attempt so I gave it a go today. It rates 199.5 lbs RGC. I was out drinking late last night so not at my best but I think I got it today. I felt the handles touch. The only problem is my girl isn't use to filming closes so I think the best stills would have came when the gripper was out of frame. I tried holding it as long as I could while the gripper came back in frame. I think I got it on my second attempt also but I felt the handles touch on the first attempt. Here is the video of that first attempt and best stills I could get of the set and close. 


I'll give it a go again in two weeks to see if I can get a more convincing video. 
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