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  1. 10 points
    Becca with a set of 10 no set on coc #2 (did place the gripper but no actual setting down)
  2. 7 points
    *loud victorious yelling* (Hexabastard in BBW)
  3. 6 points
    I just bought this 36kg KB(Kiloflex) yesterday brand new for $60!! Obviously, Iam not an expert on KB but wanted to share a couple of wrist exercises you can do with the bell- If someone could tell me what the 2nd video exercise is called I would appreciate. I did the bottoms up press yesterday after 20 plus years of not doing them - very hard and I need technique. Adam Glass has done 106lbs AMAZING. First video fast forward to 34sec mark as I was having fun with my IG followers
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    KLUV posted some nice wrist variations for kettlebells. Here is one that you guys may like as well. Crush the handle as hard as you can while resisting the bell from dropping to your forearm. This is with a 35. May help grippers. Enjoy and tell me what you guys and gals think if you add them into your repertoire!!
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    Revised goal; Get back into grip. Got a plan to make extra money and there by feeding that passion. My plan is to just work gripsport events and lose weight id like to get into -120kg class and back to competition by 2020. Id also like to host a contest here in NC if I can collaborate with NC PUA and get something setup to get NC on the map for annual contests. Venue is set already on my end. Just need peeps and gear. And a pop up book explaining how to score a contest🤪 Praying hard as hell I can knock all three off the list in the next couple of years.
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    I usually do these with a bent arm. Tried to use a straight arm to more closely approximate an Inch lift. Definitely different. Seems to work the grip more and wrist less this way. Arm Assassin Strength Shop WW Replica
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    Thurs. i did squat supports up to 500 for 12 counts. filmed some grpr closes. bent 4 70D nails, starting to find my kink.
  9. 4 points
    I'm making a rig to try this. No idea how I will do. But I'm gonna get in on this.
  10. 4 points
    New training pr in axle and 2hp for Shawna.
  11. 4 points
    A short treadmill, hspu, pull-up workout then some riding w the boy. It’s his first free wheel bike and he’s not used to standing up and riding slow - good times!
  12. 4 points
    Fibo Mas-Wrestling 2018 in Cologne Germany It took me 5 years to withstand germanys strongest men in Mas-Wrestling. today all dreams comes true 😍😍😍 Final Standing SHW 1. Sirko Petermann AUT 2. Timo Rüdiger GER (Germanys Strongest Men 2014) 3. Andreas Brixa GER (230kg Iron Mind Apollons Bar DOH German Record) my improved gripstrength was the tactical advantage i was missing bevore (there is need to move the hands on the stick to attack the weak pinky finger of the enemy)
  13. 4 points
    My buddy is making me a new chef knife, so I took a trip out to his shop to check it out. Looking forward to the finished product. All he does is Damascus. This is a working knife to keep the cost down, but man it’s gonna be pretty
  14. 4 points
    Getting ready for OSH'18(2" FBBC crusher will be used) - had not done rolling handles since early Feb. to focus on grippers.
  15. 4 points
    Chest and tris tonight. Not a bad session considering I woke up early and dealt with car issues. Walked into the gym felt like crap but turned it around nicely: Bench Press 195 lbs - 8x 225 lbs - 6x 245 lbs - 4x 255 lbs - 3x 275 lbs - 2x 285 lbs - 1x. Went up pretty easy Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 85 lb DBs - 5x 95 lb DBs - 5x 105 lb DBs - 5x Incline Bench Press 185 lbs - 5x 225 lbs - 3x 245 lbs - 3x Seated Overhead Ticep Extension Machine 80 lbs - 10x 100 lbs - 10x 110 lbs - 10x Saw some cool stuff tonight. A guy at the gym deadlifted 765 lbs which may be the most I have seen in person. No more room on the bar for regular plates at that point. If he needs more weight he will have to use competition plates. My buddy had a great session. He almost benched 405 lbs for a double. I had to lightly put my finger tips on the bar for the second rep.loving this new gym.
  16. 3 points
    Here is my video. Thanks for doing this Josh. A fun challenge.
  17. 3 points
    Been a while since I logged. Here we go: Thursday 4/5 Thickbar W4D2 2.5 crusher: 108.5 - 6 X 1 Wrist Wrench: 70.7 - 6 X 1 Took about a week off to let my skin heal and get some other stuff done. Life has been very busy lately. I did attempt and fail some bending PRs. I did manage to get a a bar to move: 1/4" X 1.5" X 17" - moved it about 10 degrees or so. Thursday 4/12 Pinch W5D1 and D2 APA: 141 - 5 X 2 LRLS 10 seconds 1-hand 2" climbers: 65.3 - 5 X 2 LRLS - R - 7 secs, L - 5 secs I tried a method Kody Burns talked about in which you use some form of resistance to force your hand to supinate while you lift. I like it. Here is a picture to describe: CP: 13.5 - 5 X 20 Sunday 4/15 Pinch W5D2 APA: 150.3 - 2 X 1 2" climbers + supination band: 65.3 - 4 X 5 Thickbar W5D1 2.5 crusher: 100.6 - 5 X 2, LRLS: R - 5 secs, L - 6 secs Wrist wrench: 66.5 - 5 X 2, LRLS: R - 9 secs, L - 5 secs 2" Axle: 245 - 4 X 3 These were more for back than anything, I filmed a lot and tried a few different techniques to determine which is going to be best for me. I'm think sumo is going to benefit me the most for bending but it is not very comfortable for me.... yet. Tuesday 4/17 Pinch W6D1 APA: 159.2 X 1 176.7 X 1 186.6 X 3 attempts, all misses. Each one hovered but slipped. Keep on grinding 2" climbers: 62.8 - 3 X 5 CP: 13.75 - 3 X 20 Pullups: BW - 3, 5, 7 I was programmed to hit a pinch PR tonight but it did not happen. So I tried a bar. 5/8 X 31. Could not finish it off. It kept moving to parallel and springing back. I will keep trying.
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  19. 3 points
    Saturday: Only 30 minutes on exercise bike 4x12 each Close grip bench press Seated French press Lying ez curl bar skull crushers DB kickbacks BB drag curls EZ curl bar preacher curls DB concentration curls DB hammer curls 4x25 each superset Knee ups & band crunches Sunday: Impromptu leg workout Hour of cardio Standing calf raises 4x50 Make shift safety bar squats 5x10 BB hack squats 5x10 DB stiff leg deadlifts 5x10 Bodyweight split squats each leg 2x25 4x25 each superset Broomstick twists & Bulgarian bag spins 2x50 crunches Made a slide show video of some of my past... more towards jiu jitsu, mma, strongman, highland games
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    Ive just made a grip board account and would like to thank you all for your kind words :). More is definitely yet to come :).
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    If I push, December might be about the time for me credibly to have a shot at certing the 3, so it would be amazing to be able to have stab at it there.
  23. 3 points
    Doesn't matter what they used to do...contests are all about now. Kick some @$$ Mike!!
  24. 3 points
    Mini anvils will be awarded to the top three finishers in each class!
  25. 3 points
    Jacks Abbey Lager is in Framingham! I drank that vienna lager for like a month when I first had it - pairs well with steel bending and screaming too - Massachusetts!
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    Apparently I haven't trained in 2 weeks. Spent all last week in Houston for work at one of our remote offices so that didn't help. Wow almost a month since I benched last. Trained today at lunch BW: 290ish 10min recumbent bike Bench CG 8x 135, 3x 225, 3x 225 Bench Regular 3x 275, 6x 275 Grippers #1x8 LH - #1.5x8, #2x5, #2.5 x 1 (X26) Tempo (Con - ISO - Ecc), #2.5 x 1 (X36), #2.5 x 1 (X26) RH #2x8, #2.5 x 5, 165# x 1 (x26), 165# x 1 (X35), 165# x 1 (X46) Standing Behind Neck Press - 135x11, 135x8 Pullups - dead hang - x 4
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    I've been saying for years that I was going to make it up there one day, looks like this will be my last chance. Way too soon to commit to anything, especially with wrestling season cranking up around that time. Hopefully I'll have the weekend clear and a little extra change in my pocket.
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    Tuesday April 17, 2018 A log press 200×1, 210×1 PR!, 215×miss, 190×3×3 B1 seated ohp 135×5×3 B2 pullups +50×5×3 C seated KB muscle clean + press 22kg×10/10×2 D1 KB cleans 22kg×12×2 D2 DB crucifix hold 20×30seconds×2 D3 banded triceps extension ×25×2
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    The wrist wrench, if lifted more like one would approach a regular dumbbell would mimmick lifting the inch more than the style of extreme flexion. The torque is just too great on those giant globes to lift it in that style. Meaning lifting it straight on with slight wrist flexion and really using those finger tips and thumb to stop the rotation. That is how I approach the WW and that worked for the inch as well. Once I hit100 lifting on WW in that style the inch was lifted.
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    If you want to do the GHP challenge you can borrow the block from me when you're ready, as longs as you send it back when you're done It's 38 mm, just cut a piece of wood to train with.
  31. 2 points
    Bench 121.5x10 PR! This might be my best set of bench since my 20s in terms of projected max. Very happy, as I’ve also been dropping fat since reducing carbs.
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    I had every intention of having a good long session but the forecast said the rain was coming and I had projects to finish outside before the down pour started. I didn’t make it through the projects completely. I have three that require sanding and finishing. And I lined up three more projects while I was working!!! Get your Sunday started(5pm) i see patterns a lot of times in people’s training. I used to point things out to Brent when we would grip regularly. I noticed a few things in a few peoples training that I will be incorporating into my training. Thick bar work- KV Method (Kapusta-Vance) 4-1/4 handle to 75, thumbless to 90, pinned to 125 2.5 crusher to 125 2 incher to 165 2x70D, then Hexabastard in BBWs - the kink was hard but yielded easily the rest of the way. PR.
  33. 2 points
    Before seeing your no set #3 video, I was originally going to say you ordered too heavy of a gripper for your current level. But considering that you squeezed it what appears to be closer than parallel with no set - I'd say you are fine. It is not a bad idea to also have a filed #2.5. Probably more helpful than the filed #3 at this point. But there are pluses to training with a monster of a gripper like that - you know when you close it that it's at the upper end of what most "normal" #3s are going to measure. So you'll be prepared to virtually any but a supreme outlier. It will also keep your sweep strength very strong working with a much harder gripper than you can currently close.
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    If you want to improve your regenerative abilities, train for it specifically... there's plenty of 'arts' that specialize in health and quality of life. Qi Gong, meditation, prayer, Yoga, Tai Chi, stretching, and dietary measures. Hot/cold baths/showers, self-massage, intermittent fasting, a ton of food. So yeah, train hard until you are worried about over training or tissue damage, then do some recovery stuff, then go back at it. That's exactly where I was when I got my first gripper a month ago. #1.5. Now I'm a cm away. First week I did a shit ton of grip stuff, toned it down for a week trying to decide for myself if training like that would be effective or not, then been going balls deep for a couple weeks now. I do 1 - 3 hours of grip work a day now, feel strong. Half clustered together, half spread out throughout the day. Building up steam and putting more effort into it even. Build up volume and do singles or triples with slow eccentrics for the #3 (good for tendons and tears muscles apart) with a hold on the max crush point, more reps and sets with the lower numbers. Make sure to strengthen your weak links: flexors, different wrist positions, and the ring n pinky fingers. Crush the gripper reversed if you don't, wide point of the handles between thumb and index.
  36. 2 points
    Today still bumming the left knee but it is feeling much better... didn't want to push it and squat heavy yet Snatches to 145, 8 singles In between gripper session.. Forward and Onward today a bit more time between reps but managed solid consecutive rep PRs: Left CoC 2.5 CCS - 7 reps Right GHP 6 CCS - 10 reps Again a bit more time between reps, but a big increase in rep volume - up 3 reps left, and 5 reps right 2nd set barely managed 5 reps left, and right did the Super Master for 7 TNS reps Did more volume work with the 64kg inch, left about 20 reps, singles and 2-3 second holds, right same volume, but 5 second holds very strict 1 min each 40lb blob holds ... i'll tally numbers at some point with the 64inch/40blob
  37. 2 points
    just arrived home after 8 hours highway. tryed a new grip on the europinch. 76kg feels more easy than last week https://youtu.be/wWeXgKyg9yA
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    Saturday April 14, 2018 Traveled to Toronto with Kate and the boys to compete in my second kettlbell and mace competition. It was pouring rain the whole morning which turned into freezing rain and snow for our trip home. The events: Mace 10&2, 5min, 10kg: 188 reps beating my score of 166 last year. Long cycle 24kg, 5min: 45 reps. I needed 44 to achieve rank 1 so I was very pleased. Especially since I did all my training with 22kg bells. That extra weight really adds up after a few minutes. Fun event: one arm long cycle, 32kg, 5min: 62 reps! I was super happy with this. My goal was to get 50 but I was flying out of the gate at 12 rpm and decided to just go with it and see what happens. I had always trained this directly after two arm long cycle but at the comp I had a 2.5 hour break and obviously that was a substantial rest because I maintained that pace to the end. Everything was well organized and ran on time and it was great reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Another great event! The ride home was brutal crawling along the highway. The kids slept for a while but woke up screaming and inconsolable so we pulled over in Guelph and found a Keg. Everyone was much happier after a big steak dinner we returned home slowly but safely.
  39. 2 points
    Tuesday April 10th Pistols, shoulderpresses, chin ups and assisting pulling work. Friday April 13th Grippers after warming up: IM#3 (142) speedclose 30mm blockset 1 x 1 close; BBGM (137 before filing) 30mm blockset 2 x 2; IM#2.5 (130-ish) 30mm blockset 'speedset' 2 x 2; Kettlebell lifts at the bottom 12kg and 8kg with loading pin and weight attached holds; Thumbscrews; 8kg kettelbell with towel, wristwork all directions. Saturday April 14th Shoulderpresses, abs and triceps (skullcrushers) after working around the house. Energylevel was still not 100% this week.
  40. 2 points
    Like Kluv#0 said, WW is wrist flexion. Rolling handle lifts have so much more to do with hand size and fingertip strength. Even though I try to apply as much wrist flexion into lifting the 2.5" crusher, itll always eventually roll out to my fingertips. (ive still never had my own RT to max out on though, but my 2.5" crusher all time best is 172 with 7.5" hands) I trained short ROM declined wrist curls with fat grips REALLLY heavy for a while for arm wrestling before I even started training grip, so my wrist flexion is probably my strongest attribute.
  41. 2 points
    April 14, 2018 Before Supper Week 2 Squat WU to 207.5k x 5 x 1r - Pause last single Speed Squat 30s Rests 125k x 8 x 2r KB Swings 30s on/30s Rest x 6 Rounds 24k x 18/17/14/14/14/14 (91r) Grippers 124.6 x 5/5 Right 130.6 x 3 x 5r Left 124.6 x 3 x 5r
  42. 2 points
    She will. Honestly it's just the tip of the iceberg, she's been training grip for less than two years and is already the strongest female grip athlete ever in my opinion (she is the reigning European and world grip champion for those who don't know). I have no doubt she will go down as the strongest female in history full stop. The aim is for her to win the worlds strongest woman contest later in the year.
  43. 2 points
    The handle will be made out of whats below the knife on the second pic - it’s a super dense, dark hardwood from the caribbean
  44. 2 points
    Tuesday did interval sprints Wednesday 10x snatches at 145 and 5x snatch high pulls with 235 Thurs clean and push presses to 195, weighted back extensions... then afternoon combatives session (35 min warmup and 15 mins straight grappling) before session also got 30 seconds of holds with 300 axle thumbless, this time pulled from the floor... best go was 12 second, after combatives I finished the last 30 seconds .... soo 4 minutes total now Friday core workout and slow exaggerated good mornings.. strict axle curls with 113, 2x8 and 25lb plate rear flyes-- also did some ext bucket work not sure of total weight but up to 18 lbs in dumbells in the cheeseball container... plus a dozen or two bent 60d nails, a lock, a couple barbell collars and a few other random items.. i'd estimate around 25lbs... anyway ... got a five second hold left and 3 second right.. both PRs as I've been struggling with extensor work... minus five pounds got 26 seconds/23 seconds totals: 2hp 15m/axle 4 min
  45. 2 points
    Yes this is not the purpose of the reps on the #2 or any of the previous rep work (last session was a hard #1 for 3 x 20 chalkless). The purpose, along with the other training she's been doing, is to build a base of muscle to work with. You can however, go up from gripper to gripper this way as long as the gap is not too big between. So far she has went from strength shop #1, to coc trainer, to strength shop #1.5, to strength shop #2, to hard coc #1, and now is starting on #2. After building the reps up on the #2, she will then move to strength shop #2.5. All this repetition work builds a big base, and the bigger the base, the bigger the end peak will be (when she eventually goes to lower repetitions, singles etc).
  46. 2 points
    Indeed. It is best not to speak of "He who shall not be named."
  47. 2 points
    April 12, 2018 Before Supper Week 2 attempt. Was tougher than it should’ve been so I’ll leave today’s workout for tomorrow. Seated Strict Press WU to 85k x 3r Between Sets 2” Crusher Holds 49.3k x 5 x 15s 2” Crusher Negs 69.3k x 25s/17s
  48. 2 points
    No doubt Lucas!! I used to hear that I could only hub, then it went to keypinch, then He cant do grippers, then he cant pinch, then He doesnt squat(who gives a EFF and still dont), then " well I did this in 2008, 2009" LMAO Bottomline, if a couple want to talk PROVE it until then new ERA in Oregon!! Thanks buddy!!
  49. 2 points
    Thanks big Joe- I feel good about all the events as the 2" crusher is actually my 3rd best event:) Love the fact my young son will be lifting and nobody motivates me more than him. Meanwhile, there are 2-3 washed up or retired grip guys in the Northwest -who used to have "dubious" nutrition that like to say what they did back "in the day" LMAO- Iam freakin older than all of them. It will be a fun event no doubt!!
  50. 2 points
    MoonTop dimensions Dimensions of MoonTop by David Horne: Circumference – 15.5” Diameter – 4.9” Height – 2.4” quelle: gripopaedia vol.4