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  1. 16 points
    Just noticed I am coming up on my 10th anniversary of my first #4 close in 5 weeks. It was an exciting milestone for me and still is even after all this time.
  2. 11 points
    4th time trying a silver bullet and I don't train grippers, so plenty of room for improvement. This is Jedd's 210.54 lb #4. Feels like a damn brick so just happy to get any kind of hold with it. Hopefully I can get a couple seconds with whatever #4 Ironmind sends for the contest next Saturday.
  3. 9 points
    I think I will come out to play - I have it in my head to get a decent Crusher number, and as it's only a 6" lift, I should be able to do more weight than a full lift. It should be fun?! Laine
  4. 6 points
    I dig the idea, too. By the way, not to get off track, but purple people really are the master race, all governments are liberty-suckers, and my brand of agnostic/Buddhism is way better than all other religions. Oh, and thick bar is cooler than grippers.
  5. 6 points
    Few updates: No entrance fee. Free refreshment drinks to everyone (water and juices). Have a cafeteria which sells everything. Place for kids and adults as spectators. Grip test, strongman test events for spectators. Few strong Athletes are coming from far. Names will be given once 100% confirmed. Video's will be recorded. Few DVD's will be given to people for free. Trophies and medals for everyone who competes. Prize money will be more. What is already there is for the pro division. For the amateurs will have another prize money which is AED 500 for the first, AED 250 2nd and AED 150 for third. All competitors will have their own T-shirts. Lucky draw for some spectators with a vouchers and free phones. Old news on IronMind is here http://www.ironmind.com/news/2019-Strongest-Grip-Middle-East-and-Northern-Africa/ and wait for the new ones. Edit: IronMind will provide gift cards!
  6. 5 points
    Hello all I have not tried a times hold on a gripper in literally years. Here is 23sec on the #3 I didnt even think to hold a coin, next time I will try it. I've done that way back when but dont recall what times I got. I did the #2 reps only a few min after the #3 hold.
  7. 5 points
    That does sound good but I think a tall glass of good whisky will do. Thank you! - Aaron
  8. 5 points
    I'm not actually sure this is interesting, but I just put a 215 rated #4 in my rating rig and closed it down to an actual silver bullet and that took 145lbs. Then figure you have to add some additional force to keep the weight hanging there.... This kind of critical thinking sometimes fools me, but I would think that added pressure would only need to equal the 2.5k weight. So let's call it 151 to be safe. I bet the time you can hold a coin between the handles of an average #3 would match your #4 silver bullet time pretty closely. Tanner should try this out with an average #3. I bet he gets ~30 secs. @Boulderbrew
  9. 5 points
    I could see it being a definite issue for judging purposes if the lifts weren’t done separately. might be a better idea to make the WR attempts for Ironmind after the comp lifts to crossbar are already completed and scored. Otherwise i could see this thing getting very convoluted.
  10. 5 points
    What prompted me to weigh the plates was Rhindo’s sentiments that one of the bars he used was actually 33lbs instead of 45lbs. While i am certain my bar weight is 45 (Ohio Power Bar from Rogue), my curiosity still got the better of me on my uncalibrated plates. Plus, now we have a set of accurately weighed plates here if we ever need them for comp purposes. also, have always wondered the exact weight of my inch. So that was cool. And im not gonna lie.. between Adam and Eric encouraging me at different points, im seriously considering doing a bonafide PL meet before years end. So its gonna be nice to know exactly what to expect weight wise going into a meet now that i have weighed my plates on an accurate scale. and yes, incase anyone is wondering, i will definitely go to a raw meet in a respectable tested org. USAPL will be the org i will more than likely go to my first meet. Not yet sure if im 100% interested in going all in on PL. i more or less just want to make my mediocre lifts official. Time will tell how far i intend to chase the squat and DL. Also, figured some might find this part interesting.. took some notional measurments with the fellas this weekend. And determined that while Tanner, Eric, and I are all nearly the same hight standing, they both have 4”+ on their total wingspan than i do. And if we sit side by side, im roughly 1”+ taller than them when we sit. So what that means is i have shorter arms, shorter legs, and a slightly longer torso than both of them. If we split hairs, that means im physically better suited to bench than they are, and they are both physically better suited to DL. Although i could also argue that i have shorter legs, and probably am slightly better suited physically for the squat as well. Even tho i hate and suck at squats, the slight physical advantage is there. While i understand that physical differences like that could indeed be a mute point, being aware of them can be a good thing in confidence when training for certain lifts. Example, all Erics 3 big lifts are stronger than mine. But given our physical differences, i feel that catching his bench is definitely a high probability for me. Considering i have 2 less inches to press to lockout than him. His DL, not so much when i take into account the physical differences between us, AND how strong he is at the DL. And while its likely that catching his squat would be a huge undertaking, i feel confident going in that i would also have a slight physical advantage on that lift also. Albeit a VERY long ways to go. Its also possible that the shorter arms could better explain my DO bending ability in the past as well. Randomness i figured you guys might enjoy.
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    I like to train it once or twice a week. Lots of triples. My own preference is Sumo for the DL as you can get better ring / pinky and palm pad involvement. I also like to use it for Snatch, Clean and Press, High pulls, and curls as well as straight arm front raises. If you use it for oly lifts and you catch it on the way down vs just dropping the bar the explosive squeeze required to make that happen is very helpful in my opinion. Anyway, hope some of that helps - Aaron
  12. 4 points
    Harri retakes his place as the Hub king with "traditional" finger position. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt4L0DeBKDi/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=731a2tdfvett
  13. 4 points
    Congratulations to Harri Tolonen. The record is safe in your hands, for the time being.
  14. 4 points
    The roughly 200-300 ppl I have tested throughout my physical therapy career and all the experimentally studies Ive read with the isometric dynamometers fall under what I said above. Of the people I have tested the narrowest setting has never been the highest and I would be willing to bet that the people in gripsport that have used an isometric that the 2nd position is there strongest not the first position. There a chance that someone with really small hands would have that be the case, yes but 95% of the time it will not be the narrowest setting and that would be with people having < 7" hand length not any of the people that we are referencing that closing these heavy grippers. All of the scientific data that I have seen and with personal experience using the "gold standard" for hand dyno position 1 if I remember correctly is almost 20% less than position 2 (on average) The numbers that are in my head from studies I remember are like position 2 (70%), position 3 (25%) and position 1 (5%) as far as highest grip strength. The mechanics and technique of closing torsion spring grippers are much different than an isometric grip test and the way people train is a lot different. Tanner comes from rock climbing which is much more endurance based vs closing a heavy gripper which is less than 5 seconds of force and the quality of the thumb lock will also come into play. Is that the reason, not sure on that but I can tell you if you tested 100 people with a hand dyno without telling them why you are testing; position 2 will be the highest by a long shot and if you wanted to take into account hand size, thumb length, hand thickness, etc that would also be something to add to it to determine the variables. The sizes are usually a 1/2" apart on a Jamar but I think doing 1/4" increments from 1.5" ( position 1), 1.75", 2" (2), 2.25", and 2.5" (3) would get you closer to an optimal width for highest grip strength rating.
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    Pause Deadlift (pauses going forward are performed an inch or two from the floor) 195x3x5 Rows 107.5x2x8 Shrugs (doing these mixed-grip from now on) 205x2x25
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    Yep will be same day. Sounds like they will have plenty of space in the area they are doing the PL meet and are willing to share. I have the question out now regarding any site fees, etc. I suspect that the fit expo here is pretty small, never been to it myself. Could be fun exposure for Grip sport though.
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    Jamar's are the gold standard for grip strength tests and most are all pretty standard with the narrowest setting being 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" and then going up 1/2" increments from there (found both widths online), the one we had at work and school were both the 1 1/2" width (I had them measure for me). So the second setting is around 2" width in the center of the handles. If you take a torsion spring gripper and close the handles together the average distance from top finger and distance between bottom fingers is going to be somewhere around that. Just because the bottom of the handles are ~1.5" wide the strongest fingers are going to be around probably in the 1 3/4" width and top top of the index finger will be around 2" (these are estimates as hand width with play a role in this). Which is why I say the strongest position is probably half way between position 1 and position 2. At a narrow setting for average hand size (7.5") when you make a full fist some active insufficiency occurs (mild) which is why you can't close grippers worth shit when you try to flex your wrist and optimal is about 10-15 deg of wrist extension. Just like all muscles, there is an optimal length-tension relationship for maximal actin-myosin cross-bridging to occur to give you your angle of maximal strength.
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    Just spoke with Randy on his thoughts on a possible separate records list for the freestyle grip on the hub. While i am definitely in favor, Randy also brought up an excellent point- it would make it much easier to judge. thats not to say that all hub records would be with a freestyle grip. But that there could be a new records list compiling of freestyle grip lifts along side of the traditional claw grip records list. I’m all for it. Randy is digging it. What say you? so not to get another thread locked with debate, a simple “yes” or “like” or “no” or whatever will do.
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    Training from last night. Body felt like total crap all day before. Unexplained pain pretty much everywhere and not DOMs. Did not want to workout just wanted to crawl into bed after work but got my ass to the gym and took it slow. Made it to my minimum planned reps plus a little on bench and squats. Elbow was hurting too much to continue on grippers after first couple of warmup sets so I shut it down. By the end of the workout I was feeling alot better though and not as much pain today, just normal muscle soreness. 2/13/2019 BW - 286# Squats - 5x 135#, 4x 135#, 4x 135#, 4x 185#, 3x 225#, 5x 275#, 3x 315#, 2x 355# Bench - 6x 135#, 5x 135#, 3x 185#, 3x 225#, 5x 250#, 3x 285# paused, 4x 315# (first 3 paused) Grippers #Tx10, 5x #1.5 LH 0x #2 RH - 5x #2.5, 5x 149#, 1x 169# - 20mm BS, 1x 176# - 20mm BS (2nd rep to 1/8" from closing) 1H Barbell Bent over Rows - LH - 5x 155#, RH - 6x 155# Lying Tricep Extension (past head) - 9x 155# Grip work on new prototype
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    7th Annual International King Kong Grip Challenge "The Biggest Grip Sport Contest on the Planet" Main Contest Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2019 Multi-City Mega Contest Events: Flask One Hand Pinch Deadlift (Barrel Strength) 2.5” Crusher (FBBC) DubHub Shallow Hub (Barrel Strength) Little Big Horn (IronMind) All events will be done to a crossbar. All other details to be finalized and released in the coming weeks. We're just posting the events now, because many people have been asking about them.
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  22. 3 points
    When doing Saxon bar, tilt it with your wrist strength as far into flexion as you can for an easier lift. The more you can use wrist power to tilt it towards you, the more benefit you will get.
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    bench 170 x10 x10 x10 x10 x10 x10 x10 x10 x10 x11 today Adam did this workout with me at a smoking pace! he ended up doing 12 sets total and had just finished his about 6th set before I started my 4th. I know I said earlier that I didn't care to film this workout, but I filmed not only mine, but Adams as well. as soon as I can get the vid up I will post it.
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    very nice to avoid the blurry ironmind rules with the crossbar. good decision 😍😍😍

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