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Who's Who Captains of Crush Certification Lists Reference and Data

Jared P

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Compilation of IronMind Captains of Crush Certification Lists for quick reference.

IronMind website links:
Who's Who No. 3 CoC
Who's Who No. 3.5 CoC
Who's Who No. 4 CoC
Teenage Captains of Crush

Spreadsheet of No. 3, No. 3.5, No. 4, Teenage Captains of Crush, and No. 4 Closers lists. Updated as needed:

Current number of certified athletes:
CoC No. 3 - 305 (157 with CCS)
CoC No. 3.5 - 22 (22 with CCS)
CoC No. 4 - 6 (1 with CCS)

Teenage Captains of Crush: 12

Jesse Marunde (USA) Age 18 1998
Sam Solomi (UK) Age 19 April 2009
Jonathan D. Vogt (USA) Age 19 July 2009
Alexandre Paquette (USA) Age 17 March 2010
Nikita Krivosheev (Russia) Age 19 October 2011
Albin Lindskog (Sweden) Age 19 July 2014
Katsuya Kawasaki (Japan) Age 18 February 2018
Gyu-min Lee (South Korea) Age 15 May 2018
Brandon M. Brahler (USA) Age 19 June 2019
Iain Thain (Scotland) Age 18 March 2021
Ivan Cuk (USA) Age 18 March 2021
Hamza Acar (Turkey) Age 19 February 2024

CoC No. 4 Closers: 35
Aaron Corcorran
Andrew Durniat
Benny Wennberg
Carl Myerscough
Cesare Ricchezza
Clay Edgin
Dave Morton
David Shamey
Gabriel Sum
Hand Water'
Heath Sexton
Ioan Cristian Puscasu
Ivan Cuk
Jaland Worley
Jonathan D. Vogt
Josh Dale
Juha Harju
Magnus Samuelsson
Martin Arildsson-Wahlström
Nathan Holle
Nikita Yurkovets
Paul Knight
Paul Savage
Patrick Gansel
Rob Vigeant Jr.
Sergey Daragan
Sergey Sankov
Simon Mahalsky
Sl-Ghi Choi
Steve Gardener
Steve McGranahan
Tim Struse
Tommy Heslep
Vano Sukhashvili
Youichi Okazaki

Edited by Jared P
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Can you separate by rule changes to be more specific of who did what under what rules?

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5 hours ago, C8Myotome said:

Can you separate by rule changes to be more specific of who did what under what rules?

Sure, I made an addendum.

Chad Woodall was the first in April 2004, so including him there are 157 under the CCS rule on the CoC 3, 22 on the CoC 3.5, and 1 on the CoC 4.

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