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Multispinner by Larratt

Rick Browne

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Does anyone here know the width of the straps and size of the pipe that Larratt uses on his Multispinner?  A friend of mine has a 16 year old that is interested in arm wrestling and training. He mentioned that Larrat had a tool (Multispinner) that is designed to increase arm wrestling strength. I found a video of Larratt using it, but I could get no explanation of how it is made. Any help?  I told the kid if I found out the dimensions I would help him make one up. Thanks guys

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Hello, actually he also said that "you can use ropes instead of strap, i use straps because there are lots of around", strap is not an obligation. I would spare one judo belt instead of rope or strap

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I recently built one of these out of 2.8" PVC pipe, and a 1" cinch buckle strap. I then attatched the strap with a carabiner to an elastic band. I'm no expert on armwrestling, but i'm able to get a good pump and the worked seem really nice. With different wrapping techniques you'll have to stabilize your pronator or supinator, which is really nice. It also teaches you that you must pull instead of push, so iguess it's better than just working side-pressure with a lone rubber band.

About the measurement: Remember the hand size on devon's opponent, you should get something that suits your hand size. I would however recommend using bigger straps than me, but I don't think it'll be of much bother unless you work with some crazy weights.

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The most important aspect of this tool is position of your hand. Puting your hand really tight on this handle could give a conic handle effect rather than cupping. To cup it, you need a little bit space between your palm and pvc pipe. to create this space you may place your thumb into your palm, while holding. You need to make that angle nearly 90, phalanx to metacarps. 

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