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Custom Gripper Set?

Kurt Lane

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I wanted to find someone who could make a very very nice custom gripper set for me. Im thinking around 12-15 dif levels obviously going up and up. With a 2.5'' spread so a little narrower then normal. Also custom Engraving in it.... Who would I contact thats the best at this and would maybe be willing for compensation?

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I've been looking into making grippers for about a year now and thats not an easy request. What level of difficulty are you looking for? What poundage jumps do you want to see, and to what level of accuracy? What do you want the handles made out of? Knurled or smooth. I know lots of questions but it helps answer your question.

Most of the springs I have are about a 3.25" spread and I only have 4 sizes to work with but you could have the option of taking the spring off an existing gripper and mounting a new handle to it.

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I've made some of my own hand grippers. If I had the time to make them which I don't at the moment and my lathe is down. I wouldn't be able to charge less then $50-$75 per gripper for what it sounds like you're looking for which is custom, high-end grippers. I know of at least one other person here that has/still makes grippers so maybe he will chime in.

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Id say get a bunch of silvis adjustables. The handles are plain other than laser engraving on the end, which someone could easily polish off and re-engrave. You can get just springs on the silvis.net site, and have someone make custom handles.

They are not 2.5 spread but are a bit narrower than cocs. Maybe offset drill the handles to lower the spread a bit.

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