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What's Your Wilks Score?


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Now that I actually have a total, I can mess around with the numbers and stuff. What's everyone's Wilks coefficient for your total (main-hand gripper/2HP/double overhand axle)?

Here's a good website for calculating it: http://wilkscalculator.com/

I lifted a total of 752.9lbs last weekend at 202.5lbs bodyweight for a total of 215.83 points.

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My best comps give




747 total at 198# more or less

Gives a Wilks of 216.55 ..........................but..........now apply

the Metzler Malone Age adjustment :)

and I get 361.86 hehe.

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When I starved myself:

118/158/250(axle is unofficial) @108lbs

Wilks: 250 pts

Regular weight at nationals:

125/170/264 @130lbs

Wilks: 220 pts

And I'm going to check my axle later to get my current score at 138lbs.

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Not sure if these are my all-time best, but they are at least close. I've lifted more weight at meets over the years before we ever started weighing in.

217.9 pinch at 183.

156.4 gripper at 163.

343.2 axle at 163.

Wilks 228.6

Not sure about my Old Farts score. Lol. But in your mid to late 40s your grip should still be in its prime anyways.

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204 BW

Best comps RH 165.7#, 215 2HP, 343 axle - 206.71

Best training RH 168#, 223 2HP, 353 Axle - 212.51

-now if we could figure out a way to add sledge choke to this equation that would be awesome :grin:

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