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So I'm having a training session with Devon Larratt this afternoon, 'No 1 armwrestler in the world and the guy in my pic'. And I've developed some hand pain, it feels sharp and close to my wrist. I only started feeling it this morning, any ideas how to numb the pain without pain killers?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated, as I've waited all year for this and its his first time in Australia.

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Try stretching the wrist.

Relax and have someone hold your hand tightly while you lean back to get the wrist to stretch.

There are bones, 8 I think, in the wrist that might have come out of alignement.

Or you can tie a stretchband to a squatrack and around your hand and pull on backwards, relaxing the wrist.

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How'd the training session with Devon go?

The training session was awesome..there were around 20 of us, he took us through different techniques and lessons..the first thing you notice about him is his massive muscular arms..they're not normal and look like these two huge things hanging off him.

At the end we all had a go at him both arms with pics and videos...he is incredibly strong...extremely smart..and his endurance is through the roof..he went through all of us without tiring or breaking a sweat...and he held the Australian champ like he was nothing. Was a great experience.

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