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Walk That Euro: 2 Brutal Pinch Drills


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200lb/90.7kg 2hp shuffle walk:

87lb/39.4kg 1hp kneeling forward mini rows:

These are two new drills i am using that will push me past a current pinching plateau, one word of caution; they are NOT fun! Tore my right thumb open again... Next week i will walk with 205-210

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Good drills Jon, made me want to try the walk. Have you ever tried a 1hp walk?

Didn't get around to it Tom, my thumb started tearing up on those rows.

Pretty cool Jon ! Im likin it.

Thanks brother, had to mix it up... Pinch PRs dried up recently

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Watch you don't tweek your back walking bent over like that

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Guest Squat More

Why don't you just try doing more volume and training at a higher frequency I.E. more sessions a week instead of stuff like this? Works for Horne, works for Kody, has worked for me. I think there is something to be said for tracking volume, raising frequency of the lift and mixing things up between reps, holds and singles. Build strength, don't constantly test it.

And like Parris said, that just looks like a way to strain something in your back. I have had a few bad pinch sessions lately and then smashed some big numbers after those.

I have made SICK gains in 2hp listening to David and Kody and anyone who wants to throw genetics out there as a reason for my progress should know: I grew up with osgood schlatters diease, couldn't play any sports from the age of 8 till 19, I also had all my major joints look like swiss cheese because I grew so fast - at 15 years old I was told I would by lucky to have the ability to run at 25 considering the condition of my knees and hips and today (28 years old) I train weekly... and I can still run. I am not an athlete in the slightest, I also suffer from bipolar disorder and my meds screw with my bodyweight, no matter how clean I eat not how much I train I retain belly fat and am heavy but it's better than being on a constant emotional roller coaster, I have suffered from alcohol and drug abuse issues in the past which is also something that runs in my family, I also have a bad back I inherited from my mother, goes out every once in a while doing the damndest things I.E. reaching for hot sauce for my eggs one morning and to top that all off I have short thumbs. If anything, my "genetics" have done nothing but work against me.

I have gone from a 77 kilo to a 109 kilo max in 3 months of training the 2hp with almost no pinch training before that. I think it's time people start actually listening to guys like David and Kody about how to approach the implement and lift instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, it's worked big time for me.

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