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Left Hand Weakness With Grippers


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So last Wednesday I was able to train with my brand new CoC 1 and 1.5 grippers, it was a success. Only did 4-5 total sets.

Today though I can barely close the 1.5, and after 2 sets of the CoC #1, I can't even close the 1.5!!! What am I doing wrong?

Left grip is weak compared to my right, I have nearly closed a 2.5 with my right

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We all have off days and need to heal more, I sucked left handed for a long

Time it just takes alot of work and recovery bro.. There have been

Days i can get 5mms reps on my 3 and 3reps left

Then other days i cant get 1.. Dont worry bro im sure you

Will have a on day soon. Also warm up good.

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The direction the spring is wound on most grippers makes it tougher on the left hand. For me this difference is about fifteen pounds. However, with the Vulcan my hands perform identically.

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