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Imp's Deadlift

David Mitti

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Got this idea after watching cancrusher doing pull ups with the imp.

First day trying so the weight is light,it definitely will take alittle to get comfortable with.

Would be cool to see others try it out and see what kind of numbers are being pulled.

Thanks guys

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I will have to try this

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Hey David, it's good to see that lift again! One of the times John Sandy visited me in 2010 (before my December back injury), he came up with the idea (it was new to me, is what I mean) of wrapping the Ironmind pads around a bar and then doing deadlifts and high pulls with it. To toughen his hands up for some goal Ironmind pad bends. I did one workout with him where we just singled up to a weight that we finally failed on. I never did that exercise again and totally forgot about it until I happened upon this thread. I think the idea has merit and could actually toughen the hands in the process of helping do some bigger bends. When I used to bend reverse style, I sometimes felt like having a very strong vertical bar-style grip was very helpful. Granted, I was never a strong reverse bender. But I really felt like if I was not as strong as I was in the vbar-style of pulling that I would've been even weaker in reverse bending.

Don't remember the exact weights that we pulled, but I can tell you within 5 or 10lbs if you're interested. I used what felt like a lot of wrist flexion (sideways, was what I was going for) into the pads to help keep them in place in my hand while I pulled. I remember John pulling about 308lbs and he was very pleased with that since it was over 150% of his bodyweight. He failed at 20lbs over that - the weight didn't even leave the floor. I think he power cleaned 135lbs

I power cleaned 220lbs while holding the Ironmind pads and deadlifted (sumo) about 402lbs. I remember it was over 400lbs because we had to add little plates to hit 400lbs and then I threw on another tiny plate for good measure. Pulled that one with room to spare and then got cocky and added 20lbs and didn't even make it to my knees before the pads pretty much felt like they were taking my hand and bones with them when they popped out and the bar slammed to the ground. I was done with the workout right there.

I don't know if John kept up with these Ironmind pad deadlifts. I'll ask him if I get a hold of him again. I can't remember if he said he got the idea from someone else on the Gripboard or Benders Battlefield.

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David, something else that this thread jogged my memory about was another lift I saw John do with an Ironmind pad. A single pad. He looped it through the ring (nearly identical to the Ironmind R-Ring) that I had lying around for the occasional one hand ring deadlift. And then did a strange one hand deadlift that resembled a vertical bar pull kind of. But with a reduced range of motion. I think the weight only traveled about 3 inches total and that was for a "lockout" lift. He pulled somewhere around 140lbs (three 45lb plates on the loading pin) like that and then put another two 45lb plates on the loading pin and did a few two hand pulls. Those were super awkward looking! :huh: I remember him having a good sense of humor about it, but jokingly telling me that there was no way I could replicate his lift - with one hand. So I did one pull and smoked it. To be honest, I think I "cheated" the lift by experimenting with the vertical bar hook grip that David Horne describes in one of his old grip booklets. I really don't remember, but I think my finger felt more pressure than anything and then I realized I was doing that strange hook grip. Possibly because I didn't want to fail with that weight. But I don't know why I did it, if in fact I did actually do it. Because I've always been stronger without a hook than with it.

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