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Winterfest 2013 Overall Results

David Horne

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Winterfest 2013 overall results

Saturday 30 November, 2013

Venue: Stafford, England - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Kirkkonummi, Finland - London, England

Promoter: World of Grip, and 4 promoters

All weights in kilos

Open Class results (23 competitors)

1 David Horne (99.5k, 51) 12pt

2 Juha Harju (124.5k, 40) 13pt

3 Pasi Mehtälä (118.9k, 40) 20pt

4 Eric Roussin (91.8k, 36) 24pt

5 Richie Bevan (108.35k, 28) 32pt

6 Matti Harju (94.4k, 34) 35pt

7 Marc Turgeon (147.4k, 43) 35.5pt

8 Juha Lehtimäki (90.2k, 24) 48pt

8 Juha-Matti Höglund (155.1k, 28) 48pt

10 Petri Partanen (98.6k) 51.5pt

11 Fenne Muhonen (87.6k) 55pt

11 Markku Levo (91.3k, 51) 55pt

13 Elizabeth Horne (82.8k, 29/Female) 69pt

14 Taneli Levo (73.2k) 71.5pt

15 Rob Blair (86.5k, 32) 72pt

16 Charles-Antoine Chartrand-Lefebvre (64.1k, 25) 76pt

17 Paul Wood (88k, 35) 81pt

18 Ilpo Liikala (93.0k, 38) 86.5pt

19 Fitsz Dobova (58.4k, 21) 89pt

20 Tarmo Mulari (86.2k) 92pt

21 Yvonne Häkkinen (80.3k, 34/Female) 104pt

22 Peter Marsden (91.7k, 38) 104.5pt

23 Mayyah Shalchi (61.9k, 29/Female) 105.5pt

Event 1 One Hand Pinch Lift

1 David Horne 51.4k

2 Juha Harju 47.34k

3 Matti Harju 47k

4 Marc Turgeon 43.68k

5 Pasi Mehtälä 43.14k

5 Juha-Matti Höglund 43.14k

7 Richie Bevan 42.45k

8 Eric Roussin 41.33k

9 Markku Levo 40.8k

10 Juha Lehtimäki 39.82k

11 Elizabeth Horne 39.3k (Female)

12 Taneli Levo 38.84k

13 Petri Partanen 37.16k

14 Paul Wood 35.6k

15 Fenne Muhonen 35.06k

16 Charles-Antoine Chartrand-Lefebvre 32.17k

17 Ilpo Liikala 28.95k

18 Tarmo Mulari 26.05k

19 Yvonne Häkkinen 25.46k (Female)

20 Mayyah Shalchi NL (Female)

20 Fitsz Dobova NL

20 Peter Marsden NL

20 Rob Blair NL

Event 2 LeverTop - Underhand

1 David Horne 43.82k

2 Eric Roussin 38.48k

3 Rob Blair 32.4k

4 Marc Turgeon 31.68k

5 Richie Bevan 30.37k

6 Pasi Mehtälä 29.2k

7 Juha Harju 28.22k

8 Juha Lehtimäki 27.26k

8 Petri Partanen 27.26k

10 Charles-Antoine Chartrand-Lefebvre 27.12k

11 Fenne Muhonen 26.96k

12 Elizabeth Horne 26.12k (Female)

13 Fitsz Dobova 25.3k

14 Juha-Matti Höglund 24.46k

14 Taneli Levo 24.46k

16 Matti Harju 22.02k

17 Tarmo Mulari 18.28k

18 Mayyah Shalchi 17.8k (Female)

18 Peter Marsden 17.8k

20 Paul Wood 17.22k

21 Markku Levo 16.98k

22 Ilpo Liikala 10.44k

23 Yvonne Häkkinen 6.96k (Female)

Event 3 Two Hands Shallow Hub Key Pinch

1 Juha Harju 47.62k

2 Matti Harju 45.12k

2 Pasi Mehtälä 45.12k

4 Markku Levo 43.87k

5 David Horne 43.86k

6 Marc Turgeon 43.34k

7 Juha-Matti Höglund 42.64k

8 Eric Roussin 39.93k

9 Richie Bevan 38.86k

10 Juha Lehtimäki 37.64k

10 Petri Partanen 37.64k

10 Taneli Levo 37.64k

13 Rob Blair 32k

14 Elizabeth Horne 31.31k (Female)

15 Ilpo Liikala 30.14k

15 Fenne Muhonen 30.14k

17 Paul Wood 27.61k

18 Charles-Antoine Chartrand-Lefebvre 27.39k

19 Fitsz Dobova 27.1k

20 Tarmo Mulari 26.14k

21 Peter Marsden 25k

22 Mayyah Shalchi 21.7k (Female)

23 Yvonne Häkkinen 20.1k (Female)

Event 4 Two Hands Pinch Lift Hold

1 David Horne 100k for 15sec

2 Juha Harju 100k for 6sec

3 Eric Roussin 85k for 18sec

4 Pasi Mehtälä 85k for 14sec

5 Matti Harju 85k for 8sec

6 Richie Bevan 70k for 28sec

7 Fenne Muhonen 70k for 20sec

8 Petri Partanen 70k for 19sec

9 Markku Levo 70k for 17sec

10 Juha Lehtimäki 70k for 14sec

11 Juha-Matti Höglund 70k for 13sec

12 Taneli Levo 70k for 11sec

13 Paul Wood 70k for 10sec

14 Elizabeth Horne 70k for 9sec (Female)

15 Marc Turgeon 70k for 6sec

16 Charles-Antoine Chartrand-Lefebvre 55k for 25sec

17 Ilpo Liikala 55k for 14sec

18 Tarmo Mulari 40k for 41sec

19 Yvonne Häkkinen 40k for 26sec (Female)

20 Mayyah Shalchi NL (Female)

20 Fitsz Dobova NL

20 Peter Marsden NL

20 Rob Blair NL

Event 5 Adjustable Thick Bar Hold

1 Juha Harju 120k for 16sec

2 Pasi Mehtälä 120k for 8sec

3 Eric Roussin 120k for 6sec

4 David Horne 105k for 16 sec

5 Richie Bevan 105k for 10 sec

6 Marc Turgeon 105k for 9sec

6 Fenne Muhonen 105k for 9sec

8 Matti Harju 105k for 8sec

8 Juha Lehtimäki 105k for 8sec

10 Juha-Matti Höglund 105k for 7sec

11 Petri Partanen 90k for 11sec

12 Markku Levo 90k for 10sec

13 Rob Blair 90k for 9 sec

14 Fitsz Dobova 75k for 25 sec

15 Ilpo Liikala 75k for 24sec

16 Charles-Antoine Chartrand-Lefebvre 75k for 15sec

17 Paul Wood 75k for 12 sec

18 Elizabeth Horne 75k for 9 sec (Female)

19 Tarmo Mulari 60k for 9sec

20 Yvonne Häkkinen 45k for 16sec (Female)

21 Mayyah Shalchi NL (Female)

21 Peter Marsden NL

21 Taneli Levo NL

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Winterfest results are entered in NAGS, pending Aaron's approval, qualifying 1HP lifts will go live on the top fifty list.

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