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Jonathan Umpherville Added To The 2x35 Records And Stat List


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Looked very easy. Congrats!

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Nice work Jon!

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thanks Bob, nowhere near your level though.

I enjoy reading your posts, lots of intelligence and an open mind to try new things along with the desire to pass knowledge along to help others. You'll get there Jon.

EDIT: wait a minute, looking at your recent accomplishments, I think you're at a very similar or better level than me already. Based on your 1HP numbers, 2x45 should happen on a good set of 45s, right now.

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Guest Squat More

Yeah but my 45s are all CAP barbell plates, sharp edges, don't hold chalk at all and are pretty wide (just measured 2 3/8") where as my optimal Euro 1 and 2 hand pinch width is 48mm or 1.88" - I will get there it will just take me some time. I suppose I could get there faster attempting more but they tear up my thumb webbing pretty bad (I looked at a fresh tear in the video here as you can see) and my focus currently is Europinch and almost all my training is done with David Horne's thumb webbing protectors on. Don't really wanna set myself back with more tears. My best 2HP has been with them as well, the 1hp at 98# was done without them, as it was a mini "by proxy" competition between Me, John Manna, his cousin Michael and my cousin Reno.

EDIT: Here is the 98# one hand Euro video, wasn't weighed on video or anything since our competition was between friends based on the honor system but it was weighed off camera and came in at 98 even on my electronic scale. The comps were my idea and John Manna agreed to them, a way to push each other in training leading up to the competition. The events were 1hp, Hub and Little Big Horn, I set PRs in all three lifts. We will be doing it every 3 weeks on events we both have equipment for, 3 events per comp, rising bar, 4 attempts each after warmups. I would like to compete or hold comps down the road but right now due to location, it just isn't possible for me to travel since I don't think the school division I work for would approve of time off for a "grip competition".

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