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Ticeps Work Starting To Pay Off: 280 Raw And With Slingshot

Mike Rinderle

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nice benching mike :) im doing a bench routien myself which has alot of back and tricep accesory work in the routien which i have found thats hit my bench numbers up also, do you train at a gym mike or at a home gym setup..? do you do any dynamic effort work.mike im just curious...

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Thanks Carl. I have been doing some speed work once every two weeks. I do everything here at home but am thinking of taking Golds up on their $10 a month offer so I can squat in a cage on ME days. Starting to worry about my sawhorse setup now that the weight is climbing above 400.

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$10 a month mike id defo take that up if i was you because i think i can see them sawhorse,s crumbling soon lol i do my ME bench on a monday and my DE on a friday i have been reading alot of louie simmons westside stuff mike check it out , if you go on westside barbell site they got a forum on there and i have found some excellent tips, routiens, all kinds of stuff on there it answers lots of questions :) good luck with your training anyway mike ill try get some videos done soon and stick them on here also .. stay strong.

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