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Ì don`t know if this has been ever discussed here, but I do some wallclimbing every now and then, and it`s really a sport where grip power is really important. Anyways, a couple of my friends are in to climbing very seriously, and they train on special "training boards". These boards are made of the same reasin/plastic stuff as the climbing holds. They have a lot of differnt sized and depth pockets, and they are used by hanging from the holds with your fingers, and changing the hold; as to simulate "climbing". I have tried one a few times, and they are hard! And these guys can hang from a 1cm deep pocket with just one finger! Some climbing on-line stores have also some other grip stuff available.

In case it hasn`t been discussed.

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hi Malis!

I'm a climber too, and have done my share of board hanging, even if I don't do it much nowadays. Great tool, but i wouldn't recommend using a full crimp finger position, or with a lot of care: potential for injury is high. Also, do not do consecutive days on the board, or very long workouts. unless you have very strong tendons.

train hard!


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The gym i work out has a machine called the Treadwall.It is 11 ft.tall and about 7ft. wide.I think they cost about $10,000?As you climb it revolves...sort of a vertical treadmill.The angle of the wall can be adjusted from a relatively easy angle-to vertical-or even adjusted so you are almost inverted and useing hands only.

It is very grip intensive...and it isn't very kind to those with some bodyweight either..and is the most intense cardio machine ever.

I don't use it very often as it is so exausting.

Embarrassingly women and much smaller guys can climb for much longer periods of time.The woman who owns the gym once climbed at an EZ angle for an hour...another guy climbed it for 3 hours one day.

Grip goes fast on this thing....

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A hangboard is priceless if you can't get to rock on a regular basis. I bought a hang board long before I started training grip, and my-two finger-pocket holds were dismal. After training with the grippers, sledges and various objects for six months I went from not being able to hang on my last two fingers to doing a full pull-up with the last two (on each hand).

Hand strength training will do wonders for tendon and ligament strength and will make you a better climber, but the specific static holds on slopes, ledges and pockets can only be found on a hangboard, on a gym wall, or at the crag.

Also, the very first time I heard of IronMind.com was on a climbing site. They recomended the CoC's and Titans Telagraph Key, saying both were priceless for climbing specific strength. I guess they were right.

One last thing: if you are a climber or plan on climbing anytime soon, the hangboard is a great device that will build your climbing specific strength. On the other hand, if you are a non-climber, IMHO the hangboard is pretty much useless.

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Your gym seems like a veritable heaven!!

As for climbing, well, I agree with Tom. A "bit" of bodyweight certainly doesn't help, no matter how strong your grip is.....

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It's a cool gym.Missing only bumper plates and an 0- lifting platform and the power area is a little small...this was not Her fault as the city came in and made her expand the bathrooms and add more toilets and shower :angry: something had to go..we make do though...and ugly power cleans/push presses are just fine without bumpers.There is also a boxing/martial arts area(multiple heavy bags and speed bags and open space for sparring-that for insurance reasons..doesn't 'really'happen),plyometric steps,track, and some mats for practicing throws and some grappling...not full wrestling area though... but this may also happen.

Expansion plans?-future- will include an 0-lifting area and an indoor strongman type are...(talking about farmers walk,kegs for loading,tire,yoke walk ...possibly?a stone or two?)there is this dude that works out there,ToTally obnoxious,persistant,bothersome and repetitive but very enthusiastic that has her ear ;)

The treadwall(www.treadwall.com)is a beast of a work out.When I was in better shape at 195(right out of high school)I was pretty good at it....now at 260 and although -in some ways- twice as strong it is getting tougher and tougher..nice change of pace and nice shock to the body and hands...guys around 140-175 rule that machine though and women who have an apparent tendency? to utilize their legs and 'drive and push' their way up do well also.Guys tend to claw and drag their way up....of course we are NOT skilled climbers...the heavier you are.... :blush ........??????

More grip stuff in the works too......

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Ive been looking for a hangboard for over a month now, and this was one of many results on a gripboard site search (on hangboard).

Any suggestions where I can find one or decent instructions?

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