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The Sybersnott Inch Db


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Something that I've wanted to try, I just got around to making it.

Just take a length of steel rod, this can be a standard steel bar, and put enough weights on it to add up to 172 pounds. The bar I'm using came off a go-cart axle, solid steel.

Then practice lifting it. I just made mine yesterday. It has three 25 pound plates, 1 ten pound plate, and one 3 pound plate on each side.

I can deadlift it off the ground with no problem. You don't realize how heavy an Inch really is until you lift the same weight off the ground with one hand. Then imagine doing that weight with an Inch rep! :ohmy

I'll try to get pics of it on here as soon as I can. It's quite a sight to see!! :laugh

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Is it possible to get the shot so that only your arm and

the bell are shown, you know, excluding your face?

We'll believe it's you and consider it a Christmas Eve

present :D:D:D

Good lift- a revolving handle?

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Did a workout with it today. It's a beastly little :blink thing, but I managed to pull it up to my waist a few times. I highly recommend you make one if you can! :stuart

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I might follow your lead in making one next year as I want to get some more time in training with my thick barbell before I attempt the inch lifts. Especially since I might be able to get my hands on a go-cart axle.


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Just use a standard steel bar. It just so happened that the bar I used which was the correct length for this project happened to be from a go-cart (I sawed it off from the cart long time ago since the cart needed new parts, and rust ruled).

Actually, use a whole bar and put on the plates you want.... then cut it to proper length when you're finished! :tongue

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