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Straps allowed


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I do not follow modern olympic lifting much, but was there not

a rule change in the last few years allowing wrist straps?

Seems like it was to be tried for one year.

Am I remembering incorrectly-if not how did that turn out-

did the straps increase lifts by bypassing grip weakness?

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gosh..i don't think so..if they are allowed I don't see any evidence of anyone actually wearing them.

Iv'e got that video of Chermikin trying to clean 600 at the Olympics..I'll double check..but I don't remember any straps...

I think sometimes they are used in training...but usually just by athletes doing 'power cleans'and not by true O-lifters.

(if we are going to do some power cleans or high pulls for high REPS we might use some straps..but NOT on our heavy sets...I don't know about the rest of the world..)

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I currently compete in OL here in Australia, straps are not allowed in competition, same as Tom of Iowa2 we only use them for training repetition pulls.  I have not found grip strength an issue even though my grip is only average. (hoping to improve dramatically). :)

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I do not have a great memory, but I KNOW I read somewhere

that the use of straps was being considered in olympic lifting. Perhaps the idea was never implemented?

:( , or perhaps I am flat out wrong.

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Perhaps it was considered, but never implemented and I don't think they ever will. I think the competitors would be absolutely against it. Can you imagine Chermerkin having used straps for the snatch and missing it? Imagine 200 odd kilos stuck to your hands, just above your head, then falling behind you, tearing your arms out of the sockets, bouncing your body along with it.

Straps would make weightlifting infintely more dangerous, even though the entertainment factor could go up a notch for sadistic folks like myself.


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