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Gripper positioning


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I was wondering about gripper positioning. I have noticed that many people who close tough grippers kind of do an extension of the wrist, keeping the wrist at about the same position when you finish reverse curls. When you do this the gripper will lay in line with your forearm.

I have tried to do this myself but it doesnt seem to work for me. I have a tendancy to turn my wrist in the opposite direction instead. When I do that the gripper is not at all in line with the forearm.

Any thoughts? How do you hold the gripper? Is it all individual or is some position better than the rest?

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(Patrik your Private messenger box is full. )

I don't know what kind of positioning I use when I crush the grippers. But I have found out that the positioning is very important when you are closing a tough gripper. My opinuin is that technique is of great importance when training with the grippers. I think that much of my progress have had to do with an increasing technique.

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Guest Harlan Jacobs

I agree fully . Bruce Lee once said, " Technique beats power every time"    Sorry Bruce, But not EVERY time . But when clossing a gripper , I agree.

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Guest Mikael Siversson

Without considerable crushing strength there is not going to be much of an impact on a #3 or harder gripper. Those that are good with grippers are usually also good with static dynamometers, which requires very little technique.

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