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The rim lift...proper form

Tom of Iowa2

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This seems to be a rather obscure lift..nobody ever mentions it... but we (today)just threw it into our trap bar routine as a 'warm up' for the trap bar.It s a nice shallow movement to warm up for the trap bar work out(followed by squats and leg presses) and seems to test the fingers pretty good.

We started the rim lifts with 230#,i went to 250# and then 280#.....I stood up with 280 but dropped it.Josh Bigger(future gripper-watch out!)hit 230#,(swung it back and forth and laughed)then 280#,325#,and then 360#.As the weight got heavier Josh just used his fingertips and did NOT pinch with the thumb.He said it was easier w/o the thumb?!

If /when he gets up around the record(this was his first day ;) )will he have to use his thumb?for it to be considered a legitimate rim lift?

We also realize it must be done on a straight bar but at this time we will practice on the trap bar..as it fits into the workout anyway.

                         Thank you

BTW when it came to the real trap bar workout?..i took control of THIS situation :blush

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And one more question: what is a proper distance between the two plates?  On a 7-foot bar, us short guys have trouble reaching past the collars.  Thanks in advance.

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It shows a picture of the lift over on www.ukgrip.info..it is not ment to be done on a 7 foot bar.

They have a photo of bar that allows the plates to be closer together.It looks about?trap bar width.Funny story when he tdid 325 on there he had three plates a site...with the rim turned out.Obviously with him the width of 3 plates doesn't matter as he doesn't use his thumb.Then we then jumped on the site and found out it is supposed to be two plates per side THEN add weight.We also did some Rim lifts from 18inches with a 7 foot bar.It was cool..

But I guess I STILL don't know if we(he)has to use the thumb?if a record is to count.

BTW..I have to use the thumb...can't just use my fingers.

ALSO The record is 407# on a short straight bar..which..in this lift shouldn't be a problem to switch over to?I think Josh can hit that in a few months...which of course means someone else will come back and push it higher.

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I do my farmers walks "rim lift" style w/a 100lb plate in ea hand.  Its very taxing on the fingers.  A member suggested using different rim sizes and trying it reverse style, with the fingers on the flat side and the thumb under the rim.  I tried this and its awkward, but probably a good thumb builder.  I'm interested in how different the exercise is when done on a bar w/two hands.

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very cool pic...whats the weight on that?

we did some of those with a lighter weight in the rack..but the heavy ones we did  off the floor with a trap bar.

btw..on grip work we never use chalk.saving that for a rainy day. :blush

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like the farmers walk idea.

i'll try to get a pic of josh carrying two tractor weights in each hand,,different test of grip but very cool and more awkward than farmers walk implements.

i can only carry one!

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another cool pic.thanks.

it would seem there are many ways to do it?and several 'records'out there:

the UK site describes it as done from the ground,with a bar that is narrower than conventional and the record is 407.5lbs?

mike the destroyer has apparently done 585 from what seems to be about 20 inches in a rack?this done on a seven foot bar.

kevin did 335 with a conventional 7 ft. bar from the floor.

my goal is 315 -320? from the floor -with a trap bar- and Josh has set his sites on a 450 from the floor with a trap bar.

we'll do some out of the rack(18 inches) with a conventional bar for yucks and jiggles :hehe on our rack deadlift days.

it works nicely into our trap bar/leg work out(which is the day after doing Rolling Thunder)the width on a conventional is no problem we both have good arm spans but my 'width/span'is in the shoulders and Josh's span is ALL arms and hands.

Thanks for everybodies input.Looks like we have some work to do.

I will say that Josh's rate of progress- on all lifts including grip- is "off the sheet."My progress is closer to what Humans experience.

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Sorry about the 2x post.  As suggested to me, try to find a plate that only allows you to get the very tips of your fingers under the rim.  It makes the lift very challenging and really toughens the fingers.

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