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Me Bending The Blue. [video]


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Nice bend, I have never seen that style of bending used before.

I think you might be making the bend harder than it should be by the way you are wrapping the nail. :erm

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thnx guys . i tried wrapping only the sides of the bar. but i fail everytime :p it turns into chaos =(

"just be aware of your elbows dropping"

what do u mean ? should i try to keep them straight out or ?

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all i meant was that you should be careful of your elbows leading your wrists. i may be way off on this (it is hard to tell from the video and how much damage you did to the bar initially because of the full bar wraps), but it seems like the first two kinks (DO) your wrists aren't flexed and you are just dropping your elbows without the bar moving much. the only reason i bring it up is because when i first started i dropped my elbows in the same manner and i didn't progress until i swithched it up. but whatever works for you. just something to be aware of.

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ok :p the first 2 attempts did almost nothing :<

but thnx for the advice. ill try to change and see how it goes.

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