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Hi im new to this so hello to everybody i was just wanting some advice

a couple of years ago i fell through a glass window hands first and i cut my tendons pretty bad

they have never healed properly i was just wanting some advise on how to train them back to

normal so if anyone can help that,ll be great :rock

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What kind of problems do you still have? Obviously lots of stretching and flexibility work. You can put your hands under warm/hot water before you start to warm everything up a bit. A bucket with some sand in it is good for working your hand and fingers gently from several different angles. Just move your fingers around in it, rotate your wrist with your fingers pushed in or dig your fingers in kind of grab and release whatever.

Other than that, do what everyone does. Pick a lift or two that interests you and see if you like it, and that it doesn't cause pain. Grippers, pinching, bending thickbar, v-bar, plate curls, tearing, you get the idea. Good luck!

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your tendons hadn't healed properly in what way? do you need a follow up surgery?

clear everything you do with your doc...

Perhaps picking up a store bought gripper and doing individual digit trainining or getting IMTUGs....

stretching/extensors training

cissus quadrangularis helps my tendons recover better after tough workouts....as does creatine , glucosamine/chondroitin, and antioxidants...

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i got this from a site about tendons The wrist tendons slide through smooth sheaths as they pass by the wrist joint. These tendon sheaths, called the tenosynovium, allow the tendons to glide smoothly in a low-friction manner. if your doctor couldnt repare these sheaths the right way you might always have some pain i think i read that joe kinney was a meat cutter and his tendons were cut to maby you could talk to him by email and he could help a little try some meds befor a workout and some icy hot to help i had a ganglion cyston my wrist and it always hurts so i do what i said for you to try alieve it is a good start good luck hope you start feeling better :rock

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