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Newbie 15 Year Gripster


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hello all,

first i would introduce myself.. im 15 years like 150 and 5.6 with 29.5cm upper arm and 27cm forearm with 7 inch hands guy from Holland..

i came in touch with the gripboard after googling strength things like i always do and i saw a webpage from a ""bender"" guy who said gripboard is the best place for talking grip strength.

i want to grip/ arm train but only got a 10k dumbell and 2 (harder then my friends) toy grippers witch i can fully no set close about 60 times in a row and set and hold close with my pinky :P. i dont have (much) training exp..(trained grip like 2 times)

exercises i do for grip/ arms/shoulders are wrist curls with the 10k for high reps (i dont know how much i did last time like 45 i think)

reserve wrist curl but then i put weights in a bag cause that works better for me to do reserves :)

towel curls

thick towel v bar

i put the 10 k dumbell in my bag and i do snatches with it. (bag is a lot harder then dumbell)

2 gripper strap hold with bag

book pinch

extensor bands

anyone knows more?

(o i can pushup on only 2 finger and thumb with ease and can get 1 crappy rep with 1 finger and thumb is that good? i thinks its good :P)

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order some grippers from www.ironmind.com . and when you train with your gripper, try using 1 or 2 fingers to close it.

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Welcome! I'd encourage you to try doing some levering, as you probably have some sort of equipment you can use: http://www.gripfaq.com/Forearm_Strength_Ex...ses/#LEVERFRONT

If you are interested in grippers, read Closing Big Grippers by Heath: http://www.farmstrength.com/Articles.htm

Othwerise, it sounds like you could do with a bit more of a strength focus on your exercises. If you're going over 15 reps, you could likely stand to use more weight. Ask questions and you will get assitance here. Make good use of the search function. There is a wealth of information.

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yes im going to order im grippers (but i dont know when :P)

i think i can close atleast the trainer first try or i would be dissapointed.

scot styles,

ive trained about 2 times with front levers. and i will now also include the rear levers and some side to side. (no overhead cause the head of the hammer seems to be falling of a bit :S)

thx cause ive 2 (short) goals now ... front levering ma 7 pound axe/hammer and rear levering it. i think a 7 pound front lever is quite good?

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