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I Love Grip And Rip!


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I love grip and rip! It's actually a pretty strong style for me -- I can't pop (too narrow) or edge (too many pages) this particular book. This Boston area phonebook has about 1520 pages. All the color-coded sections are page-numbered separately, so there's no one page I can photograph to show 1520. When you add them up it's about 1520, though.

I ripped the bottom first, then turned it over and did the top. I think that's why the top edge tear is sloppier -- from posting the book into my belly when I was ripping the bottom, I got the top edge all sweaty and warped. I think that made the second tear uglier.

It took about 30 minutes to do the bottom edge and about 10 minutes to do the top edge, with a day in-between. I love the way with grip and rip you suddenly see huge bunches of pages go all at once. You think nothing's going to happen, then suddenly there's a long line in the pages!





The Boston area "Yellow Book" brand is 2025 pages. I'll have to train a bit more before I can do one of those.

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Awesome job!!! :rock

Phonebook = :flame

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