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Pain In Wrist With Grippers


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I hurt my wrist this week and I gave it acouple of days to rest it only hurts when I twist it a certain way or when I use my grippers in my right hand.

It seems to have made gripping with my right hand harder like 6 reps when it should be 8

It isn't too much pain just kinda nagging and seem to have hurt my performance

Should I

1.cut back a bit until my wrist feels better

2. motor through

3. stop till my wrist is perfect


Any advice is welcomed

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Personally, I'd cut back on the level of gripper used or do no grippers at all for another couple of days. Without knowing the details of your injury, I'd also consider doing some light wrist work and a little stretching.

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I've had this. I say don't stretch but do some light wrist work after you've rested a couple days. after 4 days of rest from grippers it should be alright to use again.

It seems that when crushing grippers it really compresses the wrist joint which caused me the pain.

Contrast baths... or if not then use ice (as opposed to just heat).

If it feels like it is getting worse than strap it up. I found mine weas getting worse because as i slept i was turning over and stretching past a comfortable ROM.

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Give this post a good read through if you are just starting out: David Horne's Beginner Program

I had the same thing happen when I first got my grippers. I just jumped right into it, doing too much too soon and not taking the good advice from this board. I then spent some time strengthening my wrists, and now I have yet to experience pain in my wrists from using grippers (i'm just assuming now that the pain I experienced is similar to yours).

Like others have said, rest would be a wise option instead of aggrevating a possible injury. You also might want to look into the various hand-health/recovery methods that are scattered throughout the board.

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