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Blackheart's Grip Workouts


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At last i decided to start a log to see my progress , inspire myself and take comments from the grip community so that i can change to the best my workouts.


warm up each hand

Trainer 1 set, 2 reps

#1, 1 set , 2 reps

BB Master, 5 sets x 6 reps or more if possible

Inverted closes with the #1, 3 sets for 5 reps each.


Ironmind bands , yellow, 3 sets x 15 reps

Pinch wooden block (6 cm)

4 sets , holding each for 15 secs 20 kg


Ironmind Wrist roller


3 sets of 1 rep each 5 kilos


3 sets of 1 rep , 10 kilos

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The longest journey starts with a single step Blackheart. I look foward to following your progress.

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Thanbk you my friend, i have seen your training log also and you are very good i can say.Thank you very much and be sure that posts like yours give me enormous force to my will!! we will help each other for the completion of our quests and goals!!!

Edited by Blackheart
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Yesterday i did the same workout as on saturday.....


Warm up each hand

Trainer , #1 for 2 reps each.

BB Master 5 x 6 reps ( felt little hard) and from the 3rd set till the fifth , after the sixth rep i did forced reps till i reach 10 - 11 reps.

Inverted closes with the trainer, felt awkward...

I am not used doing inverted closes yet.

Pinch wooden block 6cm

warm up the thumb area

4 sets of 15 sec each with 20 kilos

Ironmind wrist roller

flexion 3 sets x 1 10 kilos

extension 3 sets x 1 5 kilos

extensors 3 x 15 with yellow band

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If you are doing 5 x 6 on the BBM I would recommend the purchase of a BBSM as your goal gripper.

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So, yesterday,

warm up both hands:

Trainer 1 set x 3 reps

#1 , 1 set x 3reps

BB Master

5 sets x 6 reps each,

felt kind of more difficult than the previous days, yesterday the morning i was training my back and maybe my hand was kind of tires from chins, rows, shrugs etc..I don't know.After all my goal , my short term goal is dominating the Super Master.

Immediately after the laste set was finished grabbed my #1, and did as many reps i could do with each hand.

pinch wooden block 6cm

started holding for five secs, 15 kilos

3 sets , each holding for 9 secs 20 kilos... felt hard

last set held for 50 secs 10 kilos, with each hand...my thumb pad was pumped...


Ironmind wrist roller


3 sets x 1 rep 10 kilos

3 sets x 1 rep 5 kilos


ironmind bands

yellow for 3 sets, 15 reps

Felt tired today, but iam thinking again to begin doing my main lifts (deadlifts, stiffe leggeg deadlifts, rows, military presses) with a thick bar (2''), i think this will help the improvement of my hand strength.

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This workout should be done yesterday but , yesterday after a heavy arm training session i had no energy left to train my hands.

So today..

Warm up

trainer: 1 set x 3 reps, each hand

#1: 1 set x 3 reps

BB Master

5 sets x 6 reps

I don't know why but till now i haven't seen any good progress concerning the repetitions.Basically the 6 reps , especially at the last sets were tremendously hard.....Damn , extremely annoyed...

Negatives BB Grand Master

6 sets, each set held for as long as possible till the gripper was fully opened


4 sets, with wooden block 6cm

each set was to hold 15 kilos for 30 secs.....My thumbs nearly exploded...


Ironmind wrist roller, standing on a balcony as always


3 sets x 1 , 10 kilos

very difficult today, (what the **** is going on lately?)


2 sets x 1 , 5 kilos

Hands totally pumped, but genrally till now i haven;t seen any progression nowhere.........

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I had a little layoff , i was feeling kind of tired so i did the layoff....


No warm up

Begin with singles on the #2.

i did 6 sets of singles with each hand...

In some sets i did 2 reps and i tried one set for 3 reps...the third rep was hard to complete and it became forced...The skin burns.

Negatives with Grand Master

Felt easier than before to held tha grand master, and kept the handles of the gripper closer than before....


Wooden blocks

Started from 10 kilos, and worked up to 20 kilos for 15 very difficult seconds each hand


Lever lifts with heavy hammer leverage bar II

front lever 3.5 kilos 3 x 6 reps

rear lever 4 kilos 3 x 6


yellow band 2 x 15 reps

Tommorow i will continue....

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  • 1 year later...


#1.5 for 5 reps as a warm up

both hands

#2 x1 (both left and right hand)

3 sets strap holds with the #2 using the thick strap 5.5 kilos for 5 sec's

Negatives with a #3

i could not close it completely no matter what but i managed to do 2 sets

Pinch block

after a loong time that i had to pinch, i ded 3 sets of pinch holds with 15 kilos each hand for 10 sec's


yellow band 3 x 20

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Chest day...

warm up 5 minutes on bicycle

Bench Press: 60k x 10, 80k x 8 (warm ups)

100k x 8, 110k x 6, 120k x4 (with a little help from spotter) i can't yet get any stronger on the bench :angry::angry::angry:

Incline Dumbell Press (30k)

30 x 8, 30 x 8, 40 x 3 (hard set)

cable cross over

3 x 10 using 40k

Pec dec 3 x 8 with 70 kilos

abs 3 x 15 crunches

gone home to rest and watch tv and eat A LOT!!!!!!!!

Edited by Blackheart
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I was ill for the last few days ( :angry::angry::angry: ) so no workouts for me at all, today was the first gripper workout after some days..

warm up with #1.5, 5 reps each hand

2 reps with each hand with the #2

then again using #2 didi 3 sets of strap holds with 6.25 kilos (the thick one) , each set was 5 + second hold

then immediately after the last set did as many full reps as i could with my 1.5


3 x 20 yellow band

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today i decided before i go out to play a little with my grippers, so

trainer warm ups: 10 reps each hand

2# 3 set x 5 - 6 reps each hand , last set very difficult reps....


3 x 20 reps each hand...

yellow band

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I have been given a new strength training routine by a friend in the gripboard which i start in the first of december, till then some condioting..

chest day after a week tha i was ill

general warm up and some stretching

bench press : 60 k x 10

80 x 8

100 x 6

120 x 4

incline press with dumbbels: 30 k x 10

30 x 10

30 x 12

dips with BW (100k) 3 x 10

pec dec 3 x 8 using 70 kilos

after many hours from that i did my grip workout..

warm up with #1

strap holds with the thick strap and the #2

3 sets with 7.5 kilos ( last set was almost impossible to hold ....)

negatives with a GM

3 sets x 1 very painful

pinch holds

4 sets with 17.5 kilos each hand for 10 seconds


2 x 20 yellow

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Back Day

warm uo, bicycle for 5 minutes

wide chin ups: 4 set x 7 + 10 kilos (BW= 100 kilos)

Rows in the pulley: 3 x 8 with 80 kilos

pulldowns : 3 x 10 with 60 kilos

dorsal: 3 x 10 with 60 kilos

hyperextension 2 x 25

Wrist curls

4 x 8 with 50 kilos (last set very very difficult)

reverse wrist curls

4 x 8 with 15 kilos (ez bar)

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Warm up, 5 mins Bicycle

Military press, 3 x 6 60 kilos

Lateral raises: 3 x 10 10 kilos dumbells

front raises: 3 x 8 10 kilos dumbells


3 x 25 20 kilo dumbells

Much later....

#1 warm ups 5 reps BH

4 x 4 with the #2

It seems that i cannot gain any consistency with the Damned Gripper and i tryly get disapointed


5 x 2 using 55 kilos

extensors : green band x 30 reps

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biceps / triceps

general warm up

barbell curl: 1 x 8 50k, 2 x 8 55k

Hammer curls : 3 x 8 20 k dumbell

concentration curls 2 x 8 15 kilo dumbell


pushdown3 x 8 85k

reverse pushdowns: 3 x 8 55k

dumbell overhead extension: 3 x 7 , 15 kilo dumbell

Edited by Blackheart
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Started at last a new program given by a friend....

Lets see how it goes...

Generally when i will be able to do the last to sets with the specific amount, the next time i will be adding 3 kilos

warm up, bbicycle for 5 min

light stretching

bench press

60k x 5, 80k,x5, 100kx5, 100k x5 (easy sets)

dumbell incline press: 30 kilos dumbell 4 x 10

Dips: 4 x 8 with bodyweight

dumpel shoulder press: 20k dumbells 4x10


gone home for FOOD!!!!!!

Much later......


Grabbed my #2 without any warm up and did 2 reps each hand..

Then i continued with 4 x8 reps with #2 whenever i could not accomplish the needed reps i did forced reps and holds

Holds with #2.5 closed as much as possible ti ll my hand opened from the pressure , 3 sets...

pinch holds

4 x 10 secs 20 kilos, wooden block , each hand

i nned to b able to hold them 10 secs ...this time i holded them for 7 secs....


3 x15 yellow band

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no weight training today....

Very busy today...

In the night my mood was very positive....so..

a little warm up with #1....BH

and i decided to give a try to 2.5

Skin burning.....but forgot the pain...and continued

PR: with left hand i brought the handles with set close only to 2mm i think apart.. :rock:rock

right hand needs some more work though and in setting 2.5 i think... i could only brought it a little beyond parallel

i contiued with 5 sets bH of brutal tries and then forced reps and hold as much i could stand the pain from the skin that BURNED!!.......


3 x 40 green band...it seems i like burning in the hands... :rock:rock:rock from the training..

Edited by Blackheart
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warm up...


60k x 10, 80 x 5, 100x5, 120 x5, 120x5 (next time i have to increase)

light squats, wide stance

4 x 10 x 80k

chins: 5x BW, 3 sets 5 x BW+10 kilos

ez curl barbell

3 x 5 with 50 kilos

biceps were already tired but i didi them

much later

some front , overhead and back levering

rolling thunder singles with 52.5 kilos x 4 sets

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General warm up

Bicycling for 5 mins

Warm up for push press (first time that i do this movement)

80k x0, 60k x 5, 60k x 5, 65k x 5

very weak

flat bench press with dumbells

4 x5 using a pair of 40k

close grip bench press using an ez curl bar

4x5 70 k , need to increase to 80 k i thinlk

much later, grip work

warm up

#1 x8 each hand

#2 4 sets of doubles

negatives with a #3 ,3 x 1 ( i could not close them completely)

after an hour or so i picked up my filed down hg250 and did some reps for 3 sets both hands

i need to gain consistency with the #2 i think so i will fill quiote a bit my #1.5 and start repping it all the time, any advices would be welcome

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Nothing special today...

i did some active rest which was:

4 x 15 - 20 with #1.5

tomorrow i will fill quite a bit the particular gripper , and train with it....i hope that it will give me consistency with the #2 which i can close but not for 10 continuous reps

Edited by Blackheart
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warm up : 10 mins bicycling


60 k x 5, 80 x 5, 100 x 5, 115k x5, 115 x5 (again i must increase next time)

leg extensions

4 x 6 with 50 kilos

leg curls

4 x 8 with 40k

front squats

3x6 with 70 k


3x15 65k

Night - Grip time

T x 10 Bh

#1.5 x2 BH

#2 x 5 BH

#2.5 x0 (i feel that before christmas i will close it with the left, right needs some more)

#2 x 7 (normal reps+ forced reps)

#2 x 7 same as above

Negatives - Grand Master

6 x 1 , held it as long as possible with BH

Pinch holds with the wooden block

1x 10 secs with 20k, 1x 7 secs with 22.5k, 1 x 6 secs with 22.5, 1 x5 with 22.5k , and last set i battled with the weights as long as possible

extensors: 3 x 15 yellow

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Chest Day

Warm up and light stretching

Bench Press: 60kx5, 80kx5, 100x5, 113x5, 113x5 (last rep kind of difficult, i will increase next time the weights)

incline Dumbell press: 4x10 30kilos i am thinking of doing this exercise with a a barbell instead of dumbell

Dips: 5 xBW, 5xBW+5kilos, 5xBW +10 kilos, 5xBW +10 kilos (next time i must add)

Dumbell Shoulder press: 4 x6 25 kilo dumbell



started with a 3 kilo hammer : 6 reps each hand

5 sets x 2 , with hand near the end of the handle BH

Front : 3x6 (heavy hammer leverage 2) 4k

Back:3x6 same as above

I was supposed to train with RT now but i am so tired and bored that... i will picj it up tommorow after grippers!!!

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Non weightlifting day


Light hand and wrist stretching

#1 1x 5 each hand..

jumped directly to #2.5

Countless tries to close it with all my might (set): LH very very close till the click..

RH needs a little more work

forced reps and holds with 2.5

Negatives with a GM...8 x1 held each time till failure

Extensors 4 x 20 yellow band

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