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Q's On Grippers (higher Reps?)

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since looking around, ive seen members (not only here, but elsewhere) work grippers for very high reps (trainers and #1's for max reps for 4-5 sets, or max reps within 5-10 minutes, and knock out 100+ reps). how much would this help in attaining grip strength (ie, going from a no.1 to a 2, or a 2 to 3), because ive also heard other people quote that higher reps is relatively useless for this, and the best way is to keep with lower reps, static holds and such. thanks for any info.clarification between whether higher reps have a significant impact on crush grip strength increases.

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Generally lower reps and negatives along with OCS, cheatcloses, SHs, and other techniques are more suitable for strength gains. Higher reps would have to be done with ever increasing very high volume to be effective. Which can be 1000s of reps.

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Reps with a gripper you can close easily can be used to warm up with ten reps or so then i would agree with menace3000

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