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Sledge Lever Training


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I just want to know what is best for leverage training:

1) Few rep (1-2) with heavy weight or

2) 5-8 rep with a lighter sledge?

Now i know that leverage training develop your triceps, shoulders, wrist, hands but does it develop your chest strength?

Thanks wope this question is OK

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Your question is fine but not easy to answer. No simple answer to the proper number of reps to use question - the answer lies in how "your" body responds to different load/rep schemes and your goals at the time. Is the goal size - strength - endurance etc? One person may respond to one number and someone else to another number - this is one only you can answer by trying each way for a while and keeping good notes of your results. Everybody is different and often each bodypart is different even in the same person. Levering isn't much different than anything else as far as the way it works your muscles - it does some things well and others, like your chest are probably much better worked with other equipment and movements. I would suggest lower weights in the begining simply to accustom the muscles and joints to the stress gradually to avoid injury - just like any new exercise. I'd love to just say "3 sets of 10" or something but the truth is only you can find the right answer for yourself.

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Can't remember where I saw the http link, but this guy I read says he recommends 3-5 reps. He says this works best for his goals, which are bending nails. Personally I currently like max singles, but after working up with several lighter higher rep sets (and I don't care about bending nails right now).

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It won't really help your chest developement.

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