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Do Question

Justin Reagan

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What am I doing wrong? As soon as I start bending something, if it doesn't begin bending immediately, my elbows just start to drop. My wrists just start to bend. Then, of course, there's really no power being put into it. I don't really think its wrist strength, as I've actually bent all these things before DO w/ hands at my waist. They weren't easy of course, but I did bend them. I've actually bent these G2's every way I can think of. Normal DO is just harder than the rest. I may try to talk myself into buying another big bucket of TTs



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Probably because you still try to bend the bar with your wrists.

Take care of the right placement of the nails end in the palm (at the thumb pad line) and then simply push into the bar.

Don't try to bend the bar by moving the elbows down, the elbows will follow the bar naturally when you focus on pushing.

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I have always had problems with DO style. But yesterday I did a 4.5" by 5/16 full-threaded bar. The crush nearly killed me, but the crush is always my favourite :D

I have no chance DO bending bars that are 6" or longer .. reverse all the way

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