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Gripboard Top 10 Videos List

Bill Piche

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We have a lot of GREAT video clips in both the current and archived old gallery. It's time to bring the top 10 and even further, the top 25 to the forefront to make them easily accessible. It can be a work in progress obviously. How do we do this?

Well, many have never used the built in rating system for images. Hardly at all. Not even to the point the stars rating gets registered (takes like 5 votes). So, we can use the voting system to help generate the top lists. However, we do need people to nominate the videos for voting. Especially for the ones off the main gallery at the archives or elsewhere, I will upload them to the current integrated gallery if possible. Then, people can vote using the rating system.

Step 1.

Nominate your own top 5 in this thread. Please post links to them.

Step 2.

Members use the built-in rating system "rate" the nominations. It's pretty easy to do, the selection is right at the bottom when viewing the views.

If the video is not in the current gallery, but is in the old archive, I will add it to the current gallery so we can use the rating system.

Any ideas to make this easier, etc. are VERY welcome.

Once we identify the videos by nomination and then rating, I will then generate a special section to make it easy to access them.

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Great idea Bill !

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Well, here's my 5

Tommy repping the piss outta the #3, FULL RANGE


Heath repping it for 15


Ryan Klein and the inch

Can't seem to find this one

Dave reppin the #4


Terminator takin down the 4.5''


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I haven't even seen some of those...Wade doing the 12 passes and Hubbing the WIDE hubs is probably the most impressive thing I've ever seen.

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There're a lot of movies I enjoy watching, the GarytheDino vids and Odd Haugen vid were other things I think would make it to the top 10. Dan Praydis vids always have the best music in the background. :D:mosher

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I also think a Paul Doire vid should be on there for coolest voice. :cool:D

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1) Dave Morton repping the 4

2) Mark Henry clean and press of the INCH

3) Jedd dominating the BLOB

4) Odd Haugen deadlifting the Millennium

5) Wade´s 3 35´s pinch

By the way, can anybody (apart from Wade) pinch 3 35´s?

Thanks best wishes for all


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I havent seen all the vids, but my fav are:

Dave repping the #4

Tommy Heslep unchained

Wade Gillingham - King of pinch

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don't forget this one. http://www.cyberpump.com/albums/album111/aaa.wmv

or this one




Take a look at cliff Kiener the the start of this video second one to lift the Inch body weight of 190. http://www.gripboard.com/index.php?act=mod...si&img=1507

So many how can we pick? All the rest are great too. Cool idea Bill.

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I think I would have to put Wade's King of Pnich video right up there and Pat's 4.5 bend. The king of pinch video is the first one I saw on the board and I was hooked after that.

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Remember to post the links. :)

Thanks everyone!

Let's hear it from everyone on this! :rock

I'll post mine too in a day or so.

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"Ryan Klein and the inch

Can't seem to find this one"

that guy cleaning and pressing the inch is not me, but i wish i could do that.

who is that guy?

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Don't you mean, Ryan Green?

Bill - here's an idea: get the 25 best clips together on DVD, and then sell the DVD!! I would order one, as would lots of guys on this forum. :)

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