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Grip Contest - Well Sort Of..


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I am promoting a strongman contest on Aug 5. in Nashville, TN--a very easy city to get to--centrally located, southwest flies here, etc. It will start at 10:00. There should be a decent crowd there. Less than 1 month away. As of right now I have like 2 teams committed to doing it. The prizes for this contest are fairly substantial and it will be run very well. Posted it here because I know there are some strong guys here and strong training crews. There are also three events that are very grip dependent--the farmers walk, the 2" axle clean and press and the arm over arm.

Prizes include:

$2,000 in prize money. This will be paid out as $1000 for 1st. $700 for 2nd and $300 for third. Entry fee is only $60. For any pro that enters I will not charge you an entry fee. If you want to split your savings with your am buddies that is cool. For you ligher pros out there, you can be the mw if you want.

Who can win the $1,000?

Members of top team will get captian of crush grippers.

Members of Top 3 teams will also receive cool Seeker sculpted trophies.

In addition, the top three teams will receive various prizes from Ironmind--straps, wrist bands, etc.

All competitors will get free contest T-shirts, gorillagold tacky towells, Total Nutrition Technology Supplements and other prizes that I get from our great sponsors to put into the goody bags.

So get your teams together and come earn some cash and win some prizes. The contest will be great fun.

To remind everyone, each team needs a lw (under 200 lbs), a mw (200-265 lbs) and a hw (any weight is fine). Each team may have, but does not need to have, up to one ASC pro on it (lw or hw).

Here are some updates as to the events, etc. Testing is completed and we know how the show will run.

Event 1 - Axle for reps. Each competitor will have a 2" axle with tires on it and will clean once and press for reps. 60 sec time limit. All competitors go simultaneously. Total team reps count. LWs use 200 lbs, MWs use 230 lbs and HWs use 290 lbs. Continental clean is allowed so long as you do not rest the bar on your belt.

Event 2 - Farmers walk medley - this is a relay where each competitor will take farmers implements 100 feet total with one turn at the 50 ft mark. LWs use 220 tanks, MWs use 255 implements and HWs use 305 implements. If for any reason a team member cannot finish their leg, other team members can jump in and finish it for them with a 20 second penalty. This is to keep it fun so the HWs definitely get to participate and it keeps my loaders from having to reset implements.

Event 3 - Deadlift for reps - same as axle. Highest total team reps wins. 60 sec. limit. Suits and straps allowed. No sumo. Hitching allowed. LWs use 500, mws use 550 and HWs use 600.

Event 4 - Tire flip -- team must flip the tire (930 lbs) for 12 flips. Each team member must flip it at least once or there is a 20 second penalty. 90 sec time limit.

Event 5 - Medley - This is a multipart medley where each team member must participate in at least one leg or there is a 20 second penalty. Teams may decide which team members they want to do each leg. If a team member attempts a leg, but cannot finish it, another team member may jump in and finish that leg. This will not result in a 20 second penalty so long as by the end of the medley each team member has participated in one leg. The parts of the medley are: a) Arm over arm with a semi truck tractor 50 ft (Peterbilt--very cool; I tested it today and it is not easy, but not too bad; suggest that the hw does this leg); b) 600-650 yoke for 40 ft or so--because of how I am running this, the yoke will not be very long; could be as short as 30 ft; c) push the semi-truck back 50 ft--any two members can do this and this will count as participating in a leg for each member; d) carry 15 ft or so and load a 240 lb keg to approx 54"; e) carry 15 ft or so and load a 200 lb sandbag to 54" or so; f) carry 15 or so and load a 330 or so keg. 3 minute time limit on this monster, but I doubt most teams will need near that much time.

Post up if there is any confusion or any question about the events. With these events and these prizes I'm curious as to why I don't have 40 entries sitting in my mailbox...lol Don't any of you have trainig groups with people in them that you would like to compete with--not against? This concept sounds like a blast to me.

Come on down. email me at rdb@h3gm .com if you have any questions.

The entry can be found at http://www.nastrongmaninc.com/upcomi...?UpcomingID=24 Note there are some descrepancies between what I have described above and what is on the entry form. What is above is how it will be.

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