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I do not arm wrestle, but I have used cables for

wrist strengthening, which is a logical step toward

arm wrestling.

Placed a bench next to the lat machine with a moveable

vertical pulley which was set at the height my hand

would be when on that bench in the beginning arm

wrestling position. Then I would perform wrist curls-

not moving the forearm itself, just the wrist. I stayed

as close to the machine as possible so that when I

failed I could rest the weight stack back on itself by

simply allowing my arm to pivot toward the stack.

You may want to experiment to find the right height

to place the pulley in relation to the wrist.

Also used to do hands behind back standing wrist

curls with my wrists against an arm blaster as I lean

slightly forward. I now do those with barbells. Without

the arm blaster the hands are too close together (braced

against the lower back) and if not braced against the

lower back, then the entire arm is free to move forward

and the target wrist suffers.

David Horne has a solid article in the newest Iron Grip

about using a pulley for wrist curls. David's publication,

by the way, would be of interest to most board members.

If it did not exist we would wish it did; so let's support it!

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